This beautiful life-like nativity with realism and true elements like real gold, frankincense and myrrh will become an heirloom that will be a source of meaningful joy for many years.





Porcelain Nativity Keepsake Box



Our special Nativity porcelain box is a superb work of art that actually opens up and can hold small, special treasures like rings, pins, etc. This box is very unique as it contains a gold plated replica coin from Jesus’ time, a piece of real frankincense and an actual piece of myrrh! The fragrance is a blessed reminder of the gifts the Wise Men brought to the new KING! You will treasure this precious art piece to be passed on to future generations.




  domed creche Golden Domed Creche
Talk about a Christmas treasure—this golden, domed crèche that covers the Holy Family is it! Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus are displayed like no other! The figures are beautifully detailed with a pillar supported golden dome to complete this unique Christmas decoration.



  three kings gifts Three Kings Gifts - Three Box Set Deluxe
Together, the Three Box Set is a beautiful way to begin a new Christmas Tradition. Display your Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh along with your Nativity Set and bring new meaning to our tradition of giving gifts at Christmastime. The set will last a lifetime and will be a gift that is appreciated year after year.

The octagonal Gold box holds a hand-blown glass ball filled with 23 karat gold flakes that float like snowflakes.

The round Frankincense box is covered in hand-stamped brass angels and is filled with the finest frankincense from the Dofar region of Oman.

The square Myrrh box is a satin-lined treasure trove with brass chain and latch (the gold box also has a chain and latch) and holds the finest Arabian myrrh.




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