Thursday Night Study

OPEN BIBLE THURSDAY NIGHT is just what the name implies. Each Thursday night we meet at the Theater of Life at 7:30 pm, open our Bibles, and study the Word of God. There is no fee to enter the Park to attend the service. The study is conducted by one of our pastors, such as Dr. Bill Jones or Dr. George Fredericks, Jr. We have guests attending from all around the U.S.A. as well as foreign countries.  All are welcome and invited to come. If more information is needed, then please call 407-872-2272.

The study is designed for adults, and therefore we have no nursery facilities. Children are welcome, however. If you are visiting the area or are a resident, you are cordially invited to come and fellowship with us. If you have been looking for an opportunity to "dig deeper" and learn more about the Bible, then this for you. We stick to the basics of good expository preaching and teaching. The park will be closed, but the Bible will be opened, and you will be glad you joined us to fellowship around the Word of God. 


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