Here are some testimonials from guests at The Holy Land Experience: 


Today's Attendance: 1,012  (Saturday, August 15th, 2015)


Today's Attendance: 1,141  (Wednesday, August 12th, 2015)


Today's Attendance: 1,254  (Saturday, August 1st, 2015)


Today's Attendance: 1,180  (Wednesday, July 29th, 2015)


Today's Attendance: 1,135  (Tuesday, July 28th, 2015)


Today's Attendance: 1,198  (Saturday, July 25th, 2015)


Gary from Chesnee,  SC “Disney’s got it wrong! Sorry Mickey! Holy Land Experience is the happiest place on earth.”


Olivia from Amherst, VA  “Beautiful, peaceful place, well done. The shows were all amazing.”


Michael from New York, NY “I love HLE!”


Linda from Stockbridge, GA “Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank God for you all!”


Claudette from Atlanta, GA “I am in all of the HLE. I have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. I must bring my parents.”


Nicole from Orlando, FL ” HLE is a great place to be in today’s world!”


Beryl from Bronx, NY “Enjoyed the spacious building, and the nice entertainment. The entire place is beautiful.”


 Hattie from Lumberton, NC “This place and the actors are God sent.”


Denise from Somerville, SC “HL E is awesome and overwhelming to describe. I love everything I saw. I will be back again.”


Freedom from Uniontown, OH “HLE is A beautiful park, and the employees are just as beautiful!”


Allayne from Port St. Joe, FL  “I could feel the presence of our Lord.  The park is very emotional and inspiring.”


C. From Willis, TX “Very uplifting, great productions, and beautiful costumes.”


Jennifer from Perry, GA “HLE is a beautiful place.”


Ethel from Oklahoma City, OK “Most moving.”


 Yvette from Crofton, MD “The show for the kids was great. My kids participated and I enjoyed it.”


Maria from Miami, FL “This experience is beyond words. You can tell the Holy Spirit is in this place.”


Philip from Fort Knox, KY “ HLE is a great experience!”


Ted from New Bedford, MA “I always get a blessing when I come here.  I always look forward to the trip down.”


Angelique from San Jose, CA “The Four Women Who Loved Jesus was awesome. This place is so beautiful and filled with God’s creations.”


Virginia from Davis, NC “What a very inspiring experience!”


Tonya from Oak Bay, New Brunswick, Canada, “This has been an awesome blessed experience. You can feel the presence of the Lord here. This is my second visit here and Lord willing I will be back again.”


Michael from Boaz, Al “This is been the most moving experience ever.”


Goldie from Forest, VA “Great presentations. The Scriptorium was very informative.”


Kim from Morrill,  MA “ Wow. The shows are amazing. The park is such a God filled experience. It brought the Bible to life.”


Julius from Chattanooga, TN “this is a wonderful experience. You cannot leave the same way you came. I was truly revived by the messages in the drama ministry and a history in the Scriptorium!”


Marsha from Alton, IL “Everything was beyond my expectations.”


Melona from Bronx, NY “Beautiful Park and lovely service. The shows were spectacular and tell of the forgiving love of Christ.”


Sandra from Griffin, GA “ I love HLE so much and need my family to come see this powerful presentation of the gospel.”


Debora from Elmont, NY “The Holy Land Experience is amazing.”


Ronald from Tamarac, FL “The shows were very entertaining, informative, and inspirational.”


Stephanie from Albertville, AL “I feel a peace here at HLE that has strengthened my faith.”


Millie from Southfield, MI “IT was my first time at HLE, but it will not be my last. Totally enjoyable experience.”


Vareta from Detroit, MI “Such an excellent portrayal of biblical history. HLE is a blessing to all that visit.”


Villolette from Casselberry, FL “I am so in love with this beautiful park. Proof of God’s love for me is all over HLE.”


Lynette from Bedford, VA “Glory to God for the Holy Land Experience. I loved it.”


Renee from Madison Heights, VA “I truly enjoyed myself at HLE it is totally amazing.”


Hope from Madison Heights, VA “I really enjoyed my time here, I connected with Jesus in ways I never have before.”


Larry from Katy, TX “A great experience.”


Nancy from Summerville, SC This is my first time here, and I gave my life to Jesus today!”


Sharon from Katy, TX “The Park was even more beautiful that I expected. The actors were great.”


Paul from Chicago, IL “It’s wonderful to see how everyone at HLE gets the audience involved and feeling like they are part of the story.”


Deborah from Petersburg, VA “I was very pleased with the performances.”


Heather from Mooresville, IN “The show Legna was very touching and hit home for me.”


LeaAndre from Lincolnville, SC “We enjoyed everything at HLE.”


Pat from Virginia Beach, VA “God is here.”


Linda from Avondale, AZ “Today, I truly reached my harvest. HLE is such a blessing.”


Ed from Kimball, SD “Outstanding presentations! I have really been blessed to be able to visit HLE.”


Christian from Ocala, FL “The Scriptorium is amazing.”


Linda from Millville, NJ “I am so blessed to be here. HLE was my prayer request to God, and he answers prayers.”


Allen from Concord, VA “This is my fourth visit to HLE and still enjoy this great park. Each visit presents a different experience.”


Precious from Greenbelt, MD “The HLE shows were an amazing depiction of the bible in physical form.”


David from Philadelphia, PA “This was my first time at HLE and was an awesome experience.”


James from Kansas City, KS “The Scriptorium was so well done, I learned so much about the history of the Bible.”


Annie from Port Charlotte, FL “The Scriptorium is a beautifully crafted summary of how the gospel of Jesus reached us.”

David from Atlanta, GA “I totally love this place! HLE has such friendly employees.”


Molly from Jonesboro, GA “This was such a great experience. Everyone should come down to the HLE.”


Clara from Powder Springs, GA “I ha e a renewed spirit after visiting this beautiful park.”


Alfonso from South Euclid, OH “The once a day live dramas were excellent.”


Donita from South Euclid, OH “I had a wonderful experience!”


Robert from Detroit, MI “We enjoyed the theatre performances and breathtaking scenery,


Dorris from Ruston LA, “Visiting HLE has been one of the greatest reminders of God’s love, grace and mercy.”


Iroaganachi from Nigeria “HLE brought the scriptures to life and reminded my that Jesus is alive and the scriptures are real.”


Lee from Tyler, TX “Everything at HLE that I have experienced has been incredible.”


Jackie from Tyler, TX “HLE is such a wonderful place. The dramas are great and the actors are exceptional.”


Ramona from Pocomoke, MD “Beautiful and absolutely wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute of it.”


Vernita from Montgomery, AL “Everything was just wonderful.”


Renifa from Alexandria, VA “Highly blessed by the environment and all of the plays.”


Cita from Lubbock, TX “All of the drama presentations were so wonderful and so real.”


Shirley from Summerville, SC “I really enjoyed the programs.”


Catherine from Summerville, SC “Just glorious, beautiful and wonderful. First time here very joyous.”


Irene from Tampa, FL “It has bee so wonderful to experience different events in the Bible.”


Joel from Hollywood, FL “This is the best place to be in Orlando, Florida. I have to share with everyone.”


Wayne from Bahamas “This is out third time here and the Passion drama: We Shall Behold Him is our favorite. It always touches us.”


Mary from Greenbelt, MD “Love it.”


Buddy from Philadelphia, PA I wand a wonderful experience with God today.”


Marie from, Katy, TX My day here at HLE has been quite a wonderful experience.”


Walter from Brooklyn, NY “HLE is a great place to visit.”


Elena from Old Bridge, NJ “God healed me of Cancer and I am leaving HLE knowing that God is not a halfway god. He will heal the effects left by the cancer.”


Celi from Kirkland, WA “Awesome experience and an amazing park to see and visit.”

Vivian from Orange Park, FL “This has been the most memorable experience for my two children and I.”


Sharon from Bronx, NY “Simply beautiful. Inspiring and awesome.”


Joan from Amarillo, TX “Excellent place. I had a wonderful time and experience.”


Ann from Lake City, PA “This is my husband and I’s third visit. I will give my Grandchildren tickets so come when the get married.”


Alfred from Dolton, IL “Awesome.”


Linda from Duluth, GA “Beautiful.”


Irene from Memphis, TN “HLE really blessed my soul.”


Terrence from Memphis, TN “I enjoyed walking through the Christus Gardens and seeing the shows.”


Patricia from Norristown, PA “Seeing the Bible come to life was awesome. It was so beautiful.”


Bill from Little River, SC “Been to HLE several times, and I loved the changes to the park and the new shows.”


Jane from Christiansburg, VA “This is out fourth time here and the first under TBN’s ownership. We love HLE.”


Amanda from Arleta, CA “Beautiful Park, Great shows, Very educational.”


Lucille from Hyattsville, MD “My first time to HLE has bee great.”


Perry from Grand Blanc, MI “ I had a wonderful blessed experience.”


Gary from Tampa, FL “I loved it all.”


Dianne from Covington, GA “This has bee such an inspirational moment in my life.”


Linda from Duncan, SC “This is still is the greatest experience coming to HLE and it is my fourth visit.”


Laura from Saraland, AL “Loved it.”


Elaine from Wentzville, MO “Very inspirational experience.”


Paul from Newark, NJ “Thank you for your service for the kingdom.”


Karen from Cleveland, OH “God is here.”


JoAnn from Pembroke, NC “The Four Women Who Loved Jesus  was so beautiful.”


Carly from Loveland, OH  “Fantastic.”


Mellissa from Naples, FL “HLE has been such a wonderful experience. For my family and I. “


Catlina from Miami, FL “A very nice place to go. Came for our second wedding anniversary and we loved it.”


Paul from Miami, FL “Great family experience.”


Cheryl from Savannah, GA “I felt the love of Jesus here and want my family to experience HLE so much now. I will be back.”


Kamekia from Winter Haven, FL “Enjoyed the park, My heart has been refreshed.”


Gladys from Birmingham, AL “Very moving and so soul touching. HLE is so beautiful.”


Christy from Williamstown, KY “Everyone one is so friendly, and helpful. The love of Jesus shines through on the employees faces.”


Richard from Penns Grove, NJ  “HLE was both interesting and informative. I will be recommending it to many people.”


Deborah from Dayton, OH “So glad I am here, what a beautiful park.”


Glenda from Laurinburg, NC “I have truly been blessed.”


Becky from McDonough, GA “What a sweet spirit I felt just by walking in. What a precious blessing we received entering the complex.”


Collette from Channel View, TX “I feel so blessed to be here. Coming to HLE has been something I have wanted to do for a long time.”


Carolyn from Neptune, NJ “I have saved up for two years to vacation in Orlando and visiting the Holy Land Experience has made it worth it. I am in tears!”


Barbara from Buffalo, NY “This is a beautiful and awesome place. I was truly blessed while visiting.”


Kim from Cape Girardeau, MO “I am overwhelmed with joy. What a great place this is, and what nice people. The shows were great.”


Pat from Hemingway, SC “I praise God for TBN and the Holy Land Experience. May God continue to bless them both.”


Phyllis from Cincinnati, OH “Excellent presentations that prepare us for the reality of the second coming.”


Mavis from Newborn, NC “Everything is just fabulous and inspiring.”


Annette from Richmond, VA “Very nice programs. I enjoyed them all.”


George from Nottingham, PA “This was an anointing experience. The best way to celebrate 22 years of marriage.”


Anita from Birmingham, AL “I have been blessed so much by visiting HLE.”


Eddie from Orlando, FL “Great shows with such a positive message in all of them.


George from Lakeland, FL “What a great place. I really enjoyed it.”


Sam from Lakeland, FL “It was so cool seeing so many surprises every minute. I loved learning more about God’s love and forgiveness.”


Batcha from Kazakhstan “This is the best experience of my life. I am so happy that I am here. No doubt it has an eternal effect on the audience.”


Keith from Hampton, VA “Truly had a worship time. I really enjoyed myself.”


Valerie from Birmingham, AL “Truly blessed to be here.”


Tonya from Hinesville, GA “This is a breathtaking experience.”


Debbie from Indianapolis, IN “What a beautiful blessing to be here. I have been trying to get here for so long. God is faithful.”


Verna from Sunrise, FL “I had a worshipful day. God’s presence can be felt everywhere at HLE.”


Sonia from New York City, NY “The shows were excellent.”


Geraldine from Indianapolis, IN “Everything is so beautiful.”


Belinda from Lynchburg, SC “HLE has touched me so much.”


Gail from Hopkins, SC “Second time here and it wont be my last.”


Phillippa from West Park, FL “So glad I have come on my birthday. What a great gift.”


Allie from Columbus, OH “It was truly a great experience.”


Kevin from Florence, SC “Enjoyed the entire experience.”


Leticia from Lafayette, LA “Really nice day. Shows are very touching.”


Rueben from Bay Point, CA “Everything is excellent.”


Angela from Kissimmee, FL “Today was my first time here and I have goosebumps throughout the day.”


Bryan from Hyattsville, MD “It is a beautiful place. I’ll be back again.”


Tanya from Kansas City, KS “A Wonderful experience. It was so powerful.”
Stephen from Ponca City, OK  “I loved it all.”
Juanita from Dothan, AL “Awesome.”
Judi from Enterprise, AL “Great.”
Grant from Baltimore, MD “I was blessed.”
Harvey from Raleigh, NC “I had heard so many great things about HLE, Now I can tell everyone from first hand experience.”
Arminuar from Florence, SC “Awesome experience.”
Karl from Phoenix City, AZ “Very nice place.”
Kevin from Florence, SC “I really enjoyed the live dramas.”
Lisa from Atlanta, GA “ Awesome.”
Karen from Taylorsville, KY “You can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Loved it.”
Amy from Taylorsville, KY “Loved the experience.”
Jodi from Hannibal, MO “Legna really touched me.”
Pat from Bronson, FL “Enjoyed all of it.”
Vashtye from Bronson, FL “It’s a beautiful experience.”
Janet from Chester, PA “God certainly is smiling on this fabulous place.”
Trudy from Hannibal, MO “I am glad that my church and I came all the way down to visit.”
Bob from Ontario, Canada “Inspiring and well performed.”
Belinda from McDonough, GA “Great shows!”
Cheryl from Vacaville, CA “Beautiful.”
Sheila from Indianapolis, IN “Spiritually exhilarating,”
Virginia from Sunrise, FL “It was a blessing.”
Miranda From Sunrise, FL “It was an amazing experience.”
Doris from Davie, FL “I enjoyed HLE. It was a great day for me. The best day of my life in fact.”
Gail from Henrico, VA “This was an awesome experience. It truly has made me feel closer to God.”
Bonnie from Washington, D.C. “I have had a totally enjoyable day. Coming here has been on my bucket list. To God be the glory.”

Kaye from Naples, FL “This has been a blessing.”
Gin from Townsend, DE “Awesome.”
April from Hinesville, GA “I would love to come back.”
Pat from Jacksonville, FL “This place has been a great release.”
Charlotte from Canton, Ohio “Amazing.”
Crawford from Jacksonville, FL “Had such a good time.”
Gary from Newark, NJ “The most beautiful and magnificent place I have ever been to.”
May from Decatur, GA “Loved it.”
Francis from Greenville, SC “The whole atmosphere is wonderful.”
William from Baltimore, MD “I had a spiritual experience.”
Gail from Milwaukee, WI “I finally got here and its so beautiful.”
Hanah from Ottawa, Canada “God has blessed this place.”
Debbie from Manchester, NH “Just being here has revived my soul.”
Tricia from Panama City, FL “A great Christian experience.”
Tena from Columbia, MD “The Jerusalem Model was great!”
Virgie from Dallas, TX “Came in with my knees bothering me and leaving with no pain what so ever.”
Sonia from Fayetteville, PA “Loved all the shows.”
Judith from Chambersburg, PA “HLE has touched my heart.”
Dollie from Lawton, OK “We were truly blessed. Enjoyed my Birthday here at HLE.”
Jackie from Forestdale, AL “I am so glad I came.”
Margie from Inglewood, CA “HLE had blessed me so much.”
Zach from Baton Rouge, LA “Great experience.”
Patricia from Independence, MO “I know once I walked into HLE God was going to do something big, and praise God, He healed me.”
Joyce from Joliet, IL “Love the décor.”
Margie from Cleveland, TN “I’d visit here over Disney any day.”
Sherry from Tucson, AZ “Excellent Performances.”
JoAnne from Big Stone City, SD “Fantastic.”
Debbie from St Cloud, MN “Fabulous!”
Janet from Indianapolis, IN “Such a great message.”

Francis from Hartselle, AL “I have enjoyed everything.”
Sylvester from Jacksonville, FL “I was so blessed.”
Marilyn from Collins, MS “A great experience.”
Chris from Bear, DE “Excellent theme park.”
Tina from Bear, DE “Songs were wonderful.”
Margaret from Nanticoke, PA “Wonderful performances.”
Charlotte from Akron, OH “Productions are spirit filled and heart felt.”
Steve from Flower Mound, TX “The Passion play was outstanding.”
Anthony from Stratford, CT “Wonderful.”
Gloria from Washington, D.C. “I received healing of a broken heart.”
Stephen from Shelby Township, MI “HLE is such an inspiring place.”
Dorothy from Athens, AL “Absolutely beautiful.”
Anthony from Huntsville, AL “I have a new vision.”
Asberry from Henrico, VA “I enjoyed all of the shows.”
Selena from Detroit, MI “A wonderful experience.”
Crystal from Gwynn Oak, MD “Praise the Lord for HLE.”
Samella from McColl, SC “The shows were great, and soul moving.”
Paula from Port Orange, FL “Very humbling!”
Lolita from Foster, VA “I really enjoy each time I visit HLE.”
Belinda from Indianapolis, IA “Money well spent.”
Cedric from Somerville, MT “Brought so much happiness to my family and I.”
Manuel from Aguada, P.R. “I loved everything.”
Wendy from Rochester, NY “Such a blessing.”

Ruth from Northport, FL “I was tremendously blessed.”
Dennis from Northport, FL “HLE has been blessed by God.”
Clifford from Brooklyn, NY “The shows were excellent.”
Jacqueline from Forestdale, AL “The productions here are so encouraging.”
Silva from Apex, NC “Thank you for giving me back the faith to fully trust in Jesus.”
Elias from Kermit, WV “Great shows.”
Crystal from Florence, SC “I always enjoy my time here.”
Elizabeth from Washington, D.C. “Awesome!”
Damaris from Naugatuck, CT “Totally loved the experience.”
Charlotte from Canton, OH “Amazing place.”
Bryon from Canton, OH “Everyone should come to HLE to be blessed.”
Susan from Pinson, AL “Reminded me of all God ha done for me.”
Beverly from Ft Bragg, NC “So very, very good.”
Antwain from Florence, SC “This has been a moment to remember.”
Rosa from Jackson Heights, NY “Very good. Excellent park.”
Ronnie from Gautier, MS “Better that advertised! You must see it in person to believe the experience.”
Jenna from Athens, TX “Loved it!”
Seretha from Hephzibah, GA “God is here!”


Edson from Einthron, MA “Great! Great!”

Eric from Bahamas “Holy Land was an experience!”

Albertha from Orlando, FL “This place is so awesome.”

Joseph from Columbia, SC “I love the Holy Land Experience.”

Janice from Monsey, NY “What a vision the Lord has given you to create a place of God’s presence everywhere.”

Jane from “Pensacola, FL “Just amazing!”

Michele from Woodridge, IL “Beautiful, amazing, awesome!”

Calvinita from “Bolingbrook, IL “Awesome time! Thank you!”

Joanne “God bless this ministry. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Ronald from Washington, DC “Truly a blessing!”

Mary from Elizabeth City, NC “Thank you for all the love, care, excellence and truth that each production so freely portrayed.”

Barbara from Marietta, GA “This has been a true Holy experience!”

Mariluz from Jacksonville, FL “Unforgettable experience, filled with love and joy.”

Annie from Colquitt, GA “I have really been blessed and enjoyed everything.”

Rose from Albany, GA “I have really enjoyed… what an experience.”

Ida from Colquitt, GA “Best birthday gift I have ever had!”

Yvette from Cary, NC “I enjoyed this experience. The spirit of the Lord is ever present.”

Luna from Davenport, FL “Amazing! Moving! Emotional! A true blessing!”

Sandra from Iron City, GA “I have truly been blessed!”

Sharon from Miami, FL “The entire HLE is immaculate! Wonderful productions and wonderful actors!”

Javonn from Durham, NC “Holy Land is priceless!”

Trinity from Longwood, FL “The Holy Land Experience is remarkable!”

Edward from Orlando, FL “Awesome!”

Gisela from Story Point, NY “The best experience ever!”

Bonita from Fayetteville, NC “Performances were outstanding!”

David from West Haven, CT “I was truly blessed.”

Christine from San Antonio, TX “Everything is so awesome… it has left be breathless!”

George from Windsor, VA “Excellent”

Nancy from Clemmons, NC “Praise God for telling the story of our blessed Redeemer!”

Denise from Loganville, GA “Thank you for this experience!”

Tumeshwar from Schenectady, NY “The Holy Land is awesome.”

Cinthia from Chicago, IL “Words cannot express how the 4 Women production touched my heart!”

Reginald from Edgefield, SC “Beauty done excellently.”

Henrietta from Edgefield, SC “Everything was beautifully done!”

Tina from Fresno, CA “Everything and even more than I could imagine! As soon as I walked in I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit!”

Carol from Concord, NC “Enjoyed everything.”

Sandra from Concord, NC “Thoroughly enjoyed it all!”

George from Windsor, VA “Excellent!”

Shernette from Bronx, NY “This has been an awesome and uplifting experience, I will recommend to all!”

Katherine from Park Forest, IL “This place is so beautiful, peaceful and joyful.”

Dalia from Milton, ON “Amazing place!”

Leila from Port Orange, FL “This is my first visit and it has been a wonderful experience!”

Pauline from Port Orange, FL “I have been here many time and each time I leave with my heart full of love!”

William from Staten Island, NY “Amazing experience.”

Vanessa from Staten Island, NY “I have been blessed beyond measure. This has been an amazing experience!”

Rushdi from Paramount, CA “This place is a blessing!”

Ruben from Garland, TX “Highly inspiring and uplifting in our faith!”

Gene from Campbellsville, KY “The actors do a very great job… I pray that many souls be saved after hearing the gospel here.”

Elida from Donna, TX “Presentations were very realistic and the actors showed they love their work. God bless and continue the wonderful work you do!”

Ricardo from Donna, TX “The presentations were excellent! Beautiful acting and lots of talent.”

Ellena from Ports, VA “I finally got my hearts desire to come to the Holy Land. The plays I saw were so overwhelming my eyes filled with tears as I sat through the goodness and mercy of God.”

Lucy from Orlando, FL “I feel so close to God in this Holy place! I will visit again!”

Deborah from Englewood, OH “Spectacular!! Excellent!!”

Eva from Houston, TX “A welcomed and spiritually felt visit. Thank you for the Holy Land Experience!”

Marsha from Marietta, GA “Had a great time! The Holy Land Experience is awesome!”

Valecia from LA, CA “I really enjoyed this experience.”

Ramona from Dearborn, MI “Truly God is in this place!!!”

Adaobi from Bronx, NY “A life changing experience… words are not enough to describe!”

Beverly from Chesapeake, VA “Felt the love of God present!”

Lucy from Fayetteville, GA “Inspiring!”

Danny from Bejenfield, NJ “I’ve been blessed the entire day at the Holy Land… It’s like a little taste of how it will be when we get to Heaven.”

Lynn from Charlotte, NC “It is truly amazing! Awesome, beautiful and life changing!”

Linda from Porter, TX “Thank you for this experience!”

Henri from Milton, ON “Amazing blessing that I can never forget!”

Patricia from Porte, TX “Beautiful!”

Frankie from Chattanooga, TN “Great experience! I will recommend to others.”

Charlette from Jonesboro, GA “Anointed experience!”

Steve from Randallstown, MD “It’s great!”

Esther from Randallstown, MD “Great experience.”

Cinthia from San Bernardino, CA “Wow! Glory to God! I’ve just seen Jesus! This was so wonderful, encouraging and a blessing to be in the presence of such talented, gifted, anointed brothers and sisters in Christ!”

Vicki from Walkerton, ON “I receive a huge emotional healing and I am so thankful for the anointed gifting of your staff and will be forever grateful for this experience!”

Evelyn from Owen Sound, ON “Such a blessing to be here!!!”

Florence from Georgetown, DE “What a true blessing!! So much beauty in everything!”

Debbie from West Palm Beach, FL “This has been such a glorious experience! I will definitely be back again!”

Bernard from West Palm Beach, FL “I loved everything!!”

Gregory from Winter Haven, FL “The experience was very enjoyable! The message of love from Christ through your performances and staff remind me of the love of Christ!”

Beatrice from Winter Haven, FL “The 4 Women Who Loved Jesus and Legna gave me a new insight on the love of Christ!”

Katherine from San Bernardino, CA “Each attraction is awe-inspiring!”

Terrie from Douglasville, GA “It is absolutely wonderful! I didn’t expect the magnitude of what I’ve seen! It is just wonderful!”

Maverick from Douglasville, GA “Everything is so great! Such a blessing to be here!”

Marlene from Miami, FL “Very spiritual, emotional and special!”

Fanny from Miami, FL “Loved it!!!”

Lela from Ocala, FL “Just beautiful!”

Monica from Milton, OT “I’m very happy to come to Florida and find this amazing place to visit! I will be back!”

Tammy from Chenille, VA “Jesus is coming soon, all the signs are here! Praise God!”

Linda from Rock Springs, IL “Uplifting… Breath of Jesus touched!”

Joyce from Lafayette, GA “I have been blessed beyond words!”

Loraine from Mount Pleasant, SC “This is or 2nd day to visit! We took in all the dramas yesterday and back today to explore the rest of the park! Great work!”

Charles from Mount Pleasant, SC “Everything is so lovely and beautiful!”


Reavchean from Philadelphia, PA “This has truly been a wonderful experience… I am so grateful for the opportunity to witness the beauty of this place!”

Carolyn from Missouri  “Breathtaking!”

Mavine from Brandywine, MD “I was reassured today that my Lord and Savior is here for me, thank you!”

Patricia from Lynn, MA “We found the Passion drama to be the most powerful show on this earth. It was spirit-filled and anointed!”

Susan from Charlotte, NC “This was awesome!”

Margaritta from Bronx, NY “This has been a wonderful experience for me!”

Janet from Bronx, NY “This has been a once in a lifetime experience!”

Eudora from Wilm, DE “I love the Holy Land!!!”

Emily from Glenn Dale, MD “I thank God for this opportunity!”

Paula from Roswell, GA “This was a wonderful experience. It really enriched my spirit.”

Monica from Brookhaven, GA “I enjoyed the entire visit!”

Nurceal from New York “May God continue to bless the outstanding actors.”

Demetrium from St. Louis, MO “One of the best experiences I had while visiting Orlando, FL”

Camille from St. Louis, MO “A blessed experience.”

Luvenia from Fayetteville, GA “A wonderful experience!”

Neliannette from Lakeland, FL “Everything was beautiful. It was an amazing experience.”

Phyllis from Savannah, GA “Excellent presentations about Jesus!”

Ronald from Savannah, GA “Enjoyed the actors and the plays. They were so great”

Rossy from Brentwood, NY “I feel blessed to have had this experience!”

Tyrone from Philadelphia, PA “Great experience”

Carla from Newman, GA “I enjoyed the bible stories and viewing the various scenes make be very full!”

Gussie from Newman, GA “I enjoyed the plays”

Sandra from Iron City, GA “I really enjoyed the experience that I encountered here!”

Brenda from Newman, GA “I enjoyed everything!”

Lonnie from Lincolnton, GA “I had a wonderful time and will make this a yearly vacation!”

Angela from Lincolnton, GA “I love it here!”

Sallie from Senoia, GA “Enjoyed our day.”

Alisa from Tampa, FL “All of the shows touched my heart.”

Annie from St. Louis, MO “Very beautiful and glorious…”

Kathryn from West Palm Beach, FL “Love it!!”

Magalie from Tampa, FL “God spoke to me through every show… Thank you Jesus for the Holy Land Experience!”

Martha from Staten Island, NY “A nice experience.”

Barbara from Charlotte, NC “Thank you for this wonderful blessed experience!”

Dominick from St. Louis, MO “Really enjoyed the shows.”

Kyle from St. Louis, MO “Great productions!”

Deborah from Chicago, IL “Awesome! God is smiling on you!”

Vic from Jacksonville, FL “This place is very inspirational”

Jeff from Port Richie, FL “Very informative, I learned things about the bible that I never knew!”

Kenneth from Sunrise, FL “Great experience. I have never seen anything like it”

Mimi from Lakeland, FL “Beautiful experience!”

Linda from Sunrise, FL “Wonderful!”

Paul from Newport News, VA “Really enjoyed my time here.”

Carrie from Seminole, FL “Thank you! I would love to come back again.”

Brad from St. Petersburg, FL “The day has been a personal blessing.”

Sylvia from Valdosta, GA “I receive a blessing and breathtaking experience each time I come to the Holy Land Experience.”

Judy from Eatonton, GA “Keep spreading the word!”

Judith from St. Louise, MO “I loved it all!!!”


Jamal from Alpharetta, GA “Had a great time.”


Jamie from Miami, FL  “I really enjoyed myself.”


Massach from Birmingham, AL “Inspiring!”


Faith from Birmingham, AL “I Had a great time at HLE. Felt like I was in heaven


being in the presence of God.”


Noemi from Houston, TX “Everything was wonderful!”


Lydia from Houston, TX “Beautiful.”


Lutitia from Sterling Heights, MI “Made feel like I was there!”


Felecia from Mobile, AL “Shows went beyond my expectations.”


Patricia from Alabaster, AL “This experience at HLE has truly been a blessing.”


Tracy from Birmingham, AL “Humbling and spiritual!”


Janice from Mobile, AL “Very enjoyable!”


Timothy from College Park, GA “I really loved every part of HLE!”


Annie from Douglasville, GA “Glorious grounds.”


Heritta from Lithia Springs, GA “I loved it.”


Daisy from Greenwood, FL “The plays and displays were awesome!”


Dwight from Greenwood, FL “Makes it more real.”


Louise from Cottageville, SC “Wonderful plays and service."


Jackie from Alpharetta, GA “I am having a wonderful time!”


Reavchean from Philadelphia, PA “This has truly been a wonderful experience… I am so grateful for the opportunity to witness the beauty of this place!”


Carolyn from Missouri  “Breathtaking!”


Mavine from Brandywine, MD “I was reassured today that my Lord and Savior is here for me, thank you!


Patricia from Lynn, MA “We found the Passion drama to be the most powerful show on this earth. It was spirit-filled and anointed!”


Susan from Charlotte, NC “This was awesome!”


Margaritta from Bronx, NY “This has been a wonderful experience for me!”


Janet from Bronx, NY “This has been a once in a lifetime experience!”


Eudora from Wilm, DE “I love the Holy Land!!!”


Emily from Glenn Dale, MD “I thank God for this opportunity!”


Paula from Roswell, GA “This was a wonderful experience. It really enriched my spirit.”


Monica from Brookhaven, GA “I enjoyed the entire visit!”


Nurceal from New York “May God continue to bless the outstanding actors.”


Demetrium from St. Louis, MO “One of the best experiences I had while visiting Orlando, FL”


Camille from St. Louis, MO “A blessed experience.”


Luvenia from Fayetteville, GA “A wonderful experience!”


Neliannette from Lakeland, FL “Everything was beautiful. It was an amazing experience.”


Phyllis from Savannah, GA “Excellent presentations about Jesus!”


Ronald from Savannah, GA “Enjoyed the actors and the plays. They were so great”


Rossy from Brentwood, NY “I feel blessed to have had this experience!”


Tyrone from Philadelphia, PA “Great experience”


Carla from Newman, GA “I enjoyed the bible stories and viewing the various scenes make be very full!”


Gussie from Newman, GA “I enjoyed the plays”


Sandra from Iron City, GA “I really enjoyed the experience that I encountered here!”


Brenda from Newman, GA “I enjoyed everything!”


Lonnie from Lincolnton, GA “I had a wonderful time and will make this a yearly vacation!”


Angela from Lincolnton, GA “I love it here!”


Sallie from Senoia, GA “Enjoyed our day.”


Alisa from Tampa, FL “All of the shows touched my heart.”


Annie from St. Louis, MO “Very beautiful and glorious…”


Kathryn from West Palm Beach, FL “Love it!!”


Magalie from Tampa, FL “God spoke to me through every show… Thank you Jesus for the Holy Land Experience!”


Martha from Staten Island, NY “A nice experience.”


Barbara from Charlotte, NC “Thank you for this wonderful blessed experience!”


Dominick from St. Louis, MO “Really enjoyed the shows.”


Kyle from St. Louis, MO “Great productions!”


Deborah from Chicago, IL “Awesome! God is smiling on you!”


Vic from Jacksonville, FL “This place is very inspirational”


Jeff from Port Richie, FL “Very informative, I learned things about the bible that I never knew!”


Kenneth from Sunrise, FL “Great experience. I have never seen anything like it”


Mimi from Lakeland, FL “Beautiful experience!”


Linda from Sunrise, FL “Wonderful!”


Paul from Newport News, VA “Really enjoyed my time here.”


Carrie from Seminole, FL “Thank you! I would love to come back again.”


Brad from St. Petersburg, FL “The day has been a personal blessing.”


Sylvia from Valdosta, GA “I receive a blessing and breathtaking experience each time I come to the Holy Land Experience.”


Judy from Eatonton, GA “Keep spreading the word!”


Judith from St. Louise, MO “I loved it all!!!”


Annette from Carrsville, VA “This was on of the most awesome experiences of my life. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Holy Land Experience."

Marian from Church Point, LA “So glad to be back here!”

Cynthia from Decatur, GA “Loved it.”

Mia from Atlanta, GA “I love this place.”

Carol from Columbus, MS “A dream come true.”

Debbie from Batavia, OH “It touched our hearts.”

Patricia from Atlanta, GA “Loved the plays.”

Alice from Raeford, NC “Daughter was healed.”

Carolyn from Laurens, SC “It is the essence of what God wants us to be.”

Martha from Rockford, IL “Great shows.”

Carol from Landover, MD “My favorite part was everthing.”

Tommie from Gardena, CA “Enjoyed it.”

Gus from Gardena, CA “What a wonderful blessed experience.”

Reatha from Fort Pierce, FL “Forgiven was excellent.”

Jacqueline from St Louis, MO “An awesome experience.”

Elcie from Ocala, FL “it was wonderful all day.”

Elisha from Florence, SC “I really enjoyed HLE!”

Kyle from Charlotte, NC “We loved everything here.”

Gloria from Latta, SC “I love HLE!”

Sondra from Philadelphia, PA “The music and plays were so beautiful!”

Christine from Romeoville, IL ”Wonderful.”


Delores from Greensboro, NC “Very beautiful, Much more than I expected.”

Carolyn from Milton, NC “Very enlightening.”

Jay from Sacramento, CA “Loved it, felt the Holy Spirit.”

Alma from Greensboro, NC “The show was great and inspiring.”

Angel from Lehigh Acres, FL “Your actors are great.”

Carla from Yonkers, NY “I had a wonderful time in the presence of God.”

Zulma from Hawthorne, CA “Its wonderful here.”

Vivian from Hagan, GA “A great experience.”

May from Yonkers, NY “It was awesome.”

Melissa from Okeechobee, FL “Loved the kid shows.”

Esther from El Sobrante, CA “Can’t come to Florida and not visit HLE!”

Frank from Hazel Park, MI “Very special.”

James from Hazel Park, MI “Neat to see.”

Verline from Hazel Park, MI “Enjoyed HLE.”

Laura from Hazel Park, MI “Love the updates to the park.”

Kashawn from Loris, SC “Awesome shows!”

Nada from Danville, VA “What an awesome experience.”

Beverly from Miami, FL “Loved our visit.”

Laverne from Norfolk, VA “A great memorable experience.”

Marilyn from Goose Creek, SC “Had an awesome time.”

Elena from Newark, NJ “Loved it.”

Tia from Cameron, TX “The grounds are beautiful.”

Angel from Newark, NJ “Great.”

Mercy from Sacramento, CA “I love this place.”

Joy from Sacramento, CA “Love the décor.”

Gwendolyn from Madison, GA “Great actors.”

Charles from Stokes, NC “I will be back and hopw to bring others.”


Maritza from New York, NY “It is beautiful! The glory of God is here!”


Martha from Miami, FL “Touched my heart.”


Joseph from Simpsonville, SC “This is a wonderful spiritual experience.”


Joe from Oxbridge, MA “Witnessed a mans hearing being restored!”


Gerry from St. Marys, GA “I enjoyed the show 4 Women.


Bettie from Folkston, GA “I enjoyed everything.”


Jenna from Poughkeepsie, NY “The greatest ever.”


Levi from Orlando, FL “Unforgettable.”


Vivian from Lake City, FL “My grandson and I came today, We loved the shows and he learned a lot about Jesus.”


Deloris from Ocala, FL “Very anointed.”


Reginald from Nanuet, NY “My wife and I had a marvelous evperince.”


Betty from Middleburg, FL “This has been a Holy Experience.”


Zina from Locust Grove, VA “Very moving, left me in awe.”


Holly from Reading, PA “Very inspirational.”


Linda from Orlando, FL. “Awesome.”


Ronnie from Lakeland, FL “Great plays.”


Ruth from Decatur, GA “I was healed.”


Darlene from Lakeland, FL “Love how you put everything together.”


Mark from Ellicott City, MD “Thank you!”


Cynthia from Ellicott City, MD “Awesome! Words can not express my joy and excitement for HLE.”


Anita from Douglasville, GA “Wonderful.”


Donna from Douglasville, GA “I truly enjoyed everything.”


Sharon from Tracy, GA “HLE is our favorite place to visit in Orlando.”


Ava from Houston, TX “This is an awesome experience.”


Cynthia from West Colombia, SC “I shall never forget this spiritually overwhelming, joyful experience.”


Tyria from Memphis, TN “An amazing experience.”


Jesse from Memphis, TN “I didn’t know what to expect, but I was genially touched.”


Sherell from Riverdale, GA “I have been thoroughly impressed by the entire experience. My whole family enjoyed it. I lost My phone and wallet and it was returned Thank you to the honest employees at HLE.”


Michael from Middletown, NJ “Love HLE!”


Debra from Middletown, NJ “Love it!”


Keila from New Britain, CT “I am in awe that I am at HLE. We have been watching HLE on TBN for years. Now I am finally here and it is awesome. HLE is truly beautiful.”


Linda from Oklahoma City, OK “Great.”


Pat from Lancaster, TX “I am SOOOOOO excited and full of joy to be at HLE.”


Dottie from Fayetteville, NC “Thank you to the nice employees who found my brothers glasses and returned them to him!”


Elzada from Oakley, TX “I came fro a spiritual revival within in myself and received it.”


Goldie from Indianapolis, IN “Very enlightening.”


Betsy from Fort Worth, TX “Totally awesome!” 


Mary from Clearwater, FL “No better place to be than HLE where the Bible comes to life.”

Lyenna from Allentown, PA “This is not  ‘Old Jerusalem’ (I have been there) this looks like the ‘New Jerusalem’. I am do blessed and pleased!


Milagros from Buffalo, NY “This was so amazing and it touched me to my soul.”


Kelvin from Miramar, FL “The play 4 Women was great!”


Chidubem from Tampa, FL “Wonderful!”


Chimelum from Tampa, FL “Happy to be here.”


Tina from Chicago, IL “Awesome.”


Emilia from Brooklyn, NY “So much better than I imagined.”


Detra from Powder Springs, GA “The staff is so polite and the exhibits are breathtaking.


Glenda from Inverness, FL “We really loved it, better than we expected.”


Anna from Cola, SC “Loved every minute of it.”


James from Palm Coast, FL “Great.”


Hilda from Puerto Rico “Wonderful.”


Ema from Baylor, TX “This place drew me closer to Jesus.”


Mike from Baylor, TX “Very interesting an inspiring.”


Noah from London, KY “This is awesome.


Mike from Newton, IA “Very Nice!”


Abel from Youngstown, OH “Very clean!”


Francis from Severn, MD “Love the atmosphere you have created.”


Raymond from New Orleans, LA “Excellent!”


Larry from Mt. Hermon, LA “Everything was wonderful here at HLE.”


Sharron from Mt. Vernon, NY “Had an extremely blessed time at HLE.”

Shellie from Orange Park, FL “A tremendous place where the entire family can be washed in the word all day long.”


Sharon from Rio Rancho, NM “ I was here right after HLE opened. Love the changes!”


Kerry from Puyallup, WA “This has been spectacular!”


Edna from Pawhuska, OK “One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.”


Carmela from Pembroke Pines, FL “this was an absolute breathtaking experience.”


Ines from Chicago, IL “I found HLE to be an anointing and spirit filled place.”


Basetsana from Rustenburg, South Africa “I was filled with the Holy Spirit.”


Mary from Aiken, SC “I am blessed to see and witness the goodness of God.”


Karen from Pasadena, TX “this place is amazing.”


Stephen from Cincinnati, OH “HLE has been a great experience for me.”


Carolyn from Ocala, FL “Everything was great.”


Mary from Jackson, MS “Wonderful!”


Charles from Jackson, MS “Great experience!”


Jerlene from Daytona Beach, FL “Very Beautiful!”


Mattie from Hoover, AL “I had an enjoyable day.”


Walter from Pensacola, FL “Had a good time.”


Magdalene from Maywood, IL “The most amazing experience, I loved the shows.”


Carol from Houston, TX “The greatest show on earth. The whole experience gave me Goosebumps.


Walter from Forest, MS “Educational!”


Georgia from Forest, MS “Thank you so much for this wonderful expeience!”


Beverly from Dublin, GA “Everything was beautiful, Very inspirational… Loved everthing.”


Myrashay from Seneca, SC “I really enjoyed the live performances.”


Dora from Denver, CO “Great Time!”


Bridgette from Warner Robins, GA “This is my second time coming and I will definitely be coming back!”


Nicholas from Dublin, GA “I love the way that the paly accurately told the entire life of Jesus.”


Calvin from Dublin, GA “Very entertaining.”


Joanne  from Clarkton, NC “Had a great time.”


Emily from Staten Island, NY “For two years I have waited patiently to come to HLE and it was worth it.”


Roda from Atlanta, GA “This is a wonderful experience.”


Edna from Ft. Walton Beach, FL “The Bible came to life!”


Joyce from Ft. Walton Beach, FL “God is Good.”


Debra from Columbus, GA “God Governed.”


Peggie from Perry, GA The greatest experience.”


Roxanne from Atlanta, GA “I very beautiful Experience.”


Ethan from Frederick, MD “Never seen anything like it.”


Delmar from New Windson, MD “God is in the hearts of those here.”


Fallon from Lake Ariel, PA “Magical!”


Lydia from Charlotte, NC “The experience at HLE is awesome.”


Kathleen from Ocala, FL “I am truly impressed!”


Pat from Jersey City, NJ “We need more places like this.”


Clara from Charleston, SC “I really enjoyed my visit.”


Lu from Brighton, MI “This place is blessed.”


Celica from Dolton, IL “This is such a beautiful place.”


Doris from Upper Marlboro, MD “I have always dreamed about coming to this beautiful park.”


Jessica from Jacksonville, FL “I have no words to describe the beauty.”


Alinda from Virginia Beach, VA “I had a wonderful time.”


Priscilla from Ocala, FL “I love visiting HLE!”


Minerva from Elyria, OH “Loved the play Legna.”


Hazel from Pembroke Pines, FL “It is such a blessing to be able to visit HLE. What a wonderful work that is being displayed here. I have been watching TBN for almost 40 years. What a blessing you have been to me”


Felix from Upper Marlboro, MD “This is a great venue for proclaiming the Word of God. And to let people know Jesus Christ and receive Him as their Lord and Savior”


Elizabeth from Upper Marlboro, MD “This place is awesome. I have been a Christian since 1970 however, the shows have made me cry because they bring to my remembrance the commitment to Christ”


Arleen from Vero Beach, FL “I am here today white my parents from the Philippines and they had a memorable experience. Praise God”


Hiralda from Labelle, FL “This place is so beautiful, a place for all families and a place to remember Jesus”


Brenda from Lexington, KY “Wonderful, really enjoyed being here”


Kay from Lizemores, WV “Had a super time. Will tell all my friends. Thank you”


Roxana from Miami, FL “This was indeed a beautiful experience. I would love to come back. It was not a mistake coming here”


Jason from West Columbia, SC “First time here. Had a great time experiencing the Bible come to life”


Tabitha from Temple, GA “I loved it, would enjoy coming back”


Linda from Lumberton, NC “The shows and displays were so great, they brought the Bible to life”


Mary from Spencer, NC “I love coming here, a place where you can feel the love of God and the move of the Holy Spirit. Truly God’s name is on this place”


Wayne from West Columbia, SC “Second time here and I loved it” 

Rick from Brewerton, NY “Absolutely loved HLE”   

Walter from Midway Park, NC "Very Inspirational. really enjoyed the programs. You are true professionals!" 

Nina from Midway Park, NC "I really enjoyed the play (Passion) it really opened my heart and mind to trust God more. The Four Women made me have more faith in God"


Doug from Stuart, FL "This is our 3rd time here, each time there is more to see"


David from Winter Springs, FL "Park really nicely done, it makes for an enjoyable walk"


Roana from Martinsburg, WV "Loved it! So true to the Bible, would visit again"


Deaidre from Charlotte, NC "The live plays were awesome, I could sit and watch them all day. The actors can act extremely well. one of my favorite memorable exhibit was The Scriptorium"


Sharonda from Grovetown, GA "Well organized and beautiful! I plan to come yearly and bring more people each time"


Ted from Washington, IL "Very much enjoyed the following: Crystal Living Waters, Sermon on the Mount, Four Women, Legna, Forgiven"


Tina from Henderson, TX "Absolutely awesome, so worth the trip!"


Pansy from Parkton, NC "Awesome, soul-winning, blessed!"


Ronald from Clinton, MD "This was a very joyous experience. Although I am visually impaired, the presentations were clear and well received. I thank God for getting His word out to His people"


Betty from Clinton, MD "We love HLE. This is our 2nd time visiting. We can find and purchase wonderful gifts for our friends & family, the prices are excellent. Thank God for the experience"


Gloria from Inglis, FL "Fantastic anointing!!!"


Velma from Bronson, MI "I'm 85 years old. I hope I can come back, I love being here"


Judy from Middletown, IN "This is my first time here and it is beautiful and wonderful"


Carter from Middletown, IN "First time here and it is fantastic and wonderful"


Cunningham from Chicago, IL "The word of God was very well presented, enjoyable and very uplifting"


Dorothea from Davenport, FL "Unbelievable! You all are great, I love when we come here and feel the sweet spirit of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all. We love you Jan"


Anthony from Martinsburg, WV "Very well done, very enjoyable will come again!"


Joan from Ontario, Canada "The presentation was spectacular. The performers were excellent and they brought the presentations to life"


Catina from Atlanta, GA "My experience here was wonderful, truly enjoyed myself. To God be all the Glory. Continue spreading the word of our risen Savior" 


Theresa from Aston, PA "Actors and actresses are absolutely marvelous! would recommend this to anyone I know. It was a moving experience, was truly blessed by it"


Latricia from Colton, CA Grounds are awesome, plays are great, singers that sang before the plays are from heaven, their voices are very melodic"


Jessica from Boynton Beach, FL "Beautiful place and wonderful teachings and moments for the whole family. Cannot wait to return"


Burke from Fort Lauderdale, FL "Thank you for the programs, God bless you all"


Lola from The Villages, FL "Holy Land is beautiful, you can feel the Holy Spirit here"


Jennifer from Kissimmee, FL "My first time here, wasn't able to see all, but I enjoyed what I saw and I'm looking forward to returning in the near future"


Elaine from Fort Lauderdale, FL "Very good, inspiring, and awesome. Looking forward to coming back"


Rain from Ontario, Canada "Excellent presentations, good food, polite, friendly staff"


Donna from West Islip, NY "Everyone should experience a day at Holy Land"


Kathleen from Port St Lucie, FL "It is a beautiful experience, one that must be shared"


Shantaria from Gainesville, FL "I am loving my experience at HLE. I hope that I can come back again one day, this was a great experience"


Leonard from The Villages, FL "We loved HLE, this is our 4th visit and it keeps getting better!"


Ly from Wesley Chapel, FL "I truly enjoyed my visit to HLE. It was like coming home to see my friends and former co-ministers. Continue to bless each other and the guests everyday.

You are a blessing and your gifts, talents and anointing are changing lives, opening doors, and knocking down strongholds. Do not take what you do lightly. You are changing the world for His glory. I love you all" 


Anges from Trinidad & Tobago "It was the most beautiful place I have seen in my life. I felt the presence of Jesus. I watch TBN from my country everyday"


Nicole from Lakeland, FL "Every show has been absolutely wonderful, so blessed to have an awesome place like this to come and learn"


Shirley from Fort Worth, TX "We had a glorious time this holiday season at HLE. Thank you for the vision of creating such an atmosphere of worship"


Gladys from Fayetteville, GA "We are here for our 6th year anniversary. We just love HLE and we love God"


Bernice from West Haven, CT "This was a good experience, I really enjoyed myself. I saw a lady get up out of her wheelchair and watched her get healed"


Bonnie from Atmore, AL "Excellent performances. The grounds and statues are just out of this world. Very inspiring, haven't cried this much in a long time"


Richard from Stratford, CT "The dramas were very entertaining, uplifting and thought-provoking. The environment was beautiful, we were truly blessed to be here"


Pat from Kissimmee, FL "I was truly blessed, I laughed and cried with the actors. It is truly amazing to come to a place like this and experience Christ where ever you go in the park"


Drusilla from Plano, TX "It was the best part of my experience here in Florida! More than the Disney parks I came to experience with my family"


Leonard from Fort Lauderdale, FL "Magnificent, God is so good. So glad I was able to take my family"


Margaret from Jacksonville, FL "Wonderful grounds to walk, peaceful atmosphere. Heaven on earth"


Yvette from Ontario, Canada "The shows I have seen so far are excellent. I enjoyed them very much and would recommend my friends and family to come see them"


Irene from Pembroke Pines, FL "Spiritual and uplifting. Spectacular display of the life of Jesus. The environment and people are very welcoming. It is also a life changing experience"


Sharon from Deer Park, TX "This place is so beautiful, you can feel the Spirit of God when you arrive here. Please keep Christ as the center of this place"


Ivory from Lexington, KY "Absolutely outstanding. I was touched. The characters put so much effort, I could tell that they work hard. Keep up the good work" 


Calandra from Waycross, GA "My 2nd time at HLE and when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. I was really blessed by this establishment!


Amy from Jacksonville, FL "This is my first time here, and I have found it to be great. The staff was great, kind and very helpful"


Anita from Waco, TX "Awesome way to spend Christmas. Enjoyed sending my prayers to Jerusalem, writing on the wall, an unforgettable journey!"


Lydia from Bridgeton, NJ "The whole experience was a blessing, I felt God's presence. Everything was wonderful the employes are helpful, polite and gracious"


Beverly from Lakeworth, FL "First time here and I had heard about how great it was and everyone should see it, I must say I agree, HLE is truly beautiful and very educational"


Wayne from Port Orange, FL " I had a wonderful day at HLE. My wife enjoyed herself also. We really liked the shows at the Church of All Nations. We were impressed!"


Mahalia from Miami, FL "Enjoyed the dramas and the nice decorations for Christmas, looking forward to visit again"


Gregory from Jacksonville, FL "More than I ever expected. A lot of peace and inspiration. Will recommend to all my friends! God bless"


Tiffany from Philadelphia, PA "I would just come here for the peace and tranquility alone. Very nice atmosphere to have a one on one with God"


Phillis from Philadelphia, PA "Came to Disney to celebrate our granddaughter's 10th birthday. I heard so much of HLE from others, I had to make a point to visit. It was a beautiful, Spirit filled experience! Praise God!"


Marie from Lehigh Acres, FL "The actors and actresses are great. You can feel the presence of God. Every session is a blessing. May God continue to bless this ministry!"


Ethlyn from Kissimmee, FL "I really enjoyed the program, it made me cry, thank you TBN"


Joyce from Forth Walton Beach, FL "I can feel the presence of God here, it makes it easy to face the world when I leave. I can't wait to come back. Thanks to all of you for your hard work"


Pastor Stanley from Waycross, GA "This has been a life-changing experience for me and my congregation. I felt the power of God as soon as I pulled in the parking lot. This is just a glimpse of what it's going to be"


Janice from Philadelphia, PA "I had a very blessed and wonderful time. God is good!"


Cecelia from Orlando, FL "I needed prayer for my back, and when I got prayed for, the pain was gone!"


Sonja from Winter Park, FL "My 1st visit and I really enjoyed the experience, I find it to be a great experience for our younger generation to remind them to walk by faith, not by sight"


Miracle First Born Church from GA "I would like to thank the man that played Jesus. He prayed for my church and family and I am truly grateful for him taking the time to pray for us!"


Angela from Nahunta, GA "I felt the love as we drove into the park. It was such an uplift that every employee had a smile along with their greeting. After the show, the actor portraying Jesus came over and asked if he could pray for me. How did he know I was in pain? He had to be in tune with God and I am proud to say my leg feels better. It's a life long change in me.


Kay Lynn from Lake Worth, FL "How refreshing to be greeted with "Merry Christmas". Its a staff here that blessed us in every direction we turned, stage actors, guest services, custodial workers, etc were all kind and polite. Spending a day with such Christ saturated servants was as wonderful as the shows and shops. I enjoyed my day, Thank you!"


Eddie from Fort Walton Beach, FL "We've visited HLE for our anniversary for the past 4 yrs. We find it to be very refreshing"


Joyce from Fort Walton Beach, FL "Had a great time, you can feel God's love. Thank you for all your hard work"


Harry from Henrietta, NY "Simply divine, it puts you in the center of the Biblical stories. You are able to walk and feel the very presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"


Cynthia from Orangeburg, SC "The shows were glorious! I enjoyed every thing. The shows were a little humorous but from the scriptures"


Melane from Athens, GA "This was truly an amazing experience. I will plan another trip here"


Velma from Hampton, VA "I loved my visit here at HLE. Everything was so inspirational and beautiful. The word of God flowed as the minister spoke and I needed that at a time like this"


Deb from Canton, SD "Spectacular, moving, awesome performance"


Bertha from Columbia, SC "The most amazing thing ever seen, there is nothing like the story of Jesus. I shall never forget this"


Rayvonnia from Henrietta, NY "I have enjoyed HLE, it was more than I expected it to be"


Helen from Jacksonville, FL "My name is Helen and I am diagnosed with lung cancer, this was on my bucket list and now my bucket list is fulfilled. It was so beautiful"


Evelyn from Jacksonville, FL "This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen, this was on my mom's bucket list and wow what an experience"


Shinle from Columbia, SC "Everything was so very beautiful, I wish I had more time for sightseeing. I really enjoyed everything, good job!"


Jessie from Columbia, SC "It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced!" 

Rev. Phil from Meadville, PA "Whitney Lynn was Godly, Anointed, wonderful singer, sincere and sweet. She knew her material well. She is an asset to HLE and to the Kingdom of God.


Judith from Mayo, FL "Loved it!"


Donna from Mayo, FL "It has been a goal of mine to get here, then the opportunity came! so blessed to be here! I want to come back already. Thankful for the opportunity to take communion with Jesus"


Margaret from Columbia, DC "My very first time here and this was a beautiful blessing for me, may our Lord keep you all in the palm of His hands"


Rosa from Lauderhill, FL "The people here, the programs, everything reminded me of Jesus"


Emmanuel from Hollywood, FL "awesome experience with a very beautiful message and scenery"


Jannetta from Palm Beach Gardens, FL "This is the best event I have attended…God bless you all here at HLE, keep saving souls and do what you do best"


Julie from Columbia, SC "Thank you for the great experience I had"


Gary from Palm Beach Gardens, FL "I have really enjoyed this Holy Land Experience and can't wait to see my Jesus. Thanks to everyone who is apart of this great experience"


Irene from North Charleston, SC: "It is really an experience visiting this Holy Land."


Sherry from Gastonia, NC: "it has been a wonderful and awesome experience. Every play was just amazing."

Cynthia from Philadelphia, PA: "This is the most unique, most beautiful and most positive encounter I have ever experienced."

Jimmy from Lumberton, NC: "I really love this place."

Yvonne from Brooklyn, NC: "This is an awesome experience."

Julia from Weeki Wachee, FL: "Nice and wonderful things you are doing here."

Linda from Ocoee, FL: "I came last spring with my children. They are in awe. They said we should have come here first."

Carol from Versailles, KY: "Brought the Bible to life for me. It was great."

Sheila from Lakeview, MI: "Love it here! It touched my soul and my life."

Shalanna from Barnesville, GA: "This was my first experience and it was great! Can't wait to return."

Lori from PSC, FL: "Great and blessed experience."

Andy from Las Vegas, NV: "Beautiful experience."

Rosalyn from Vanceboro, NC: "The Passion of Christ gets better each time I see it."

Herman from Kinston, NC: "Very touching and spiritual."

Marie from Kissimmee, FL: "The Holy Land Experience is amazing. The beautiful, peaceful and interesting environment left us breathless."

Guillant from Miami, FL: "It was a time of worship and learning."

Valorie from Brandon, FL: "I really enjoyed Legna. It spoke to my heart. The performance of the Passion of the Christ was unspeakably awesome and I was truly touched and blessed."

Pamela from Picton, Ontario Canada: "Totally awesome experience. Loved the live shows."

Wayne from Corbyville, Ontario Canada: "An amazing experience to discover in Orlando."

Sue from Mobile, AL: "This place is overwhelming. I cried almost all day."

Esther from NPB, FL: "What a change. It is great! Thank you for introducing Jesus to the world."

Don from Virginia Beach, VA: "Gets better with each visit."

Just from Delray Beach, FL: "Powerful! Excellent! What an experience."

Terry from N. Las Vegas, NV: "Beautiful place."

Carol from Yalaha, FL: "I can't wait to bring my daughter and her family when she comes to visit."

Leslie from Pensacola, FL: "Thank you for such a beautiful display."

Lee Ann from Jackson, TN: "Awesome!"

Cathy from Jacksonville, FL: "Was truly a blessing of God. Felt His presence everywhere."

Jane from Largo, FL: "Unreal but so real. I was moved to tears and my heart was overwhelmed."

Laura from Kenner, LA: "This has been an awesome experience. When I pulled up, I could feel the anointing of God."

Carolyn from New Orleans, LA: "Excellent! A truly great worship experience."

Julio from Pearblossom, CA: "It was a blessing to be here."

Robin from Hilton Head, SC: "My time spent here with my mother has been a blessing."

Lucille from Philadelphia, PA: "Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!"

Ira from Dalton, GA: "Had a wonderful experience. Blessings!"

Nancy from Dalton, GA: "What a blessing!"

Josie from Espanola, NM: "Wow! It is beautiful. Just a taste of all the riches He has for us."

Terry from Lusaka, Zambia: "I am from Zambia in Southern Africa. I have enjoyed The Holy Land. First time here."

Sandra from Philadelphia, PA: "Wonderful shows!"

Wilma from Bobbs Ferry, NY: "Great shows. Keep spreading the Word of God."

Sandy from Largo, FL: "God bless the people who had the vision to put this Holy Land together."

David from Espanola, NM: "So beautiful and awe inspiring."

Margaret from Bronx, NY: "I have enjoyed every bit of this place and the wonderful God inspired programs."

Brenda from Essex, MD: "We loved it here!"

Angela from Griffin, GA: "This was an awesome experience. The scenery was breathtaking."

Lea from Royal Palm Beach, FL: "The magnitude of these presentations are memorable."

Barbara from Columbia, SC: "I really enjoyed the shows. I thought they were very inspirational."

Althea from Georgetown, SC: "I have truly enjoyed each show that was performed."

Irma from North SC: "What an awesome experience for me. I will definitely come back and bring my family."

Mary from Largo, FL: "Awesome! Loved it. I will come back again."

Teresa from Largo, FL: "Excellent day of events. Felt inspired."

Vivian from Clearwater, FL: "What a wonderful way to prepare for celebrating Christ."

Bernice from Delray Beach, FL: "Every thing was excellent. I recommend everyone visit the Holy Land Experience at least once."

Fr. Les from Micanopy, FL: "I was last here 8 years ago. It is much improved."

Sonia from Charlotte, NC: "I am so honored to see His Holy Spirit presence in this place."

Eddie from Brunswick, GA: "I liked the whole experience."

Victoria from McDonough, GA: "I really love this! I feel every Christian and every person should take the time and come here. The reenacting of the Bible was breath taking."

Karen from Rankin, PA: "This place is truly a blessing. You can feel the Holy Ghost."

Michelle from Allenhurts, GA: "I like to say that this was a wonderful experience and I will spread the awesome word of the gospel."

Linda from Rhinelander, WI: "This was truly a very humbling experience. One that I shall always hold dear to my heart."

Oré from Kingston Springs, TN: "Absolutely glorious!"

Sam from Charleston, SC: "We loved coming and experiencing Holy Land. It is wonderful."

Verline from Houston, TX: "Wonderful! Marvelous!"

Quovadis from West Palm Beach, FL: "It's so awesome to have a place where you can pray and receive prayer."

Margaret from Nassau, Bahamas: "What a wonderful place to visit. You can feel the presence of God."

Michelle from Fayetteville, NC: "Love it! I will be coming back and bringing others. The best kept secret in Orlando."

Joyce from Chatsworth, GA: "May God bless everyone who calls Holy Land Experience their work home and also everyone who enters here."

Sinthia from Miramar, FL: "What a wonderful experience and enlightenment."

Isabella from Beaufort, SC: "This is truly a marvelous experience. I will cherish it for the rest of my life."

Sandra from Ocala, FL: "This is the most amazing place on earth. God's presence is felt here and we are all truly blessed."

Patsy from Davenport, FL: "This is my 5th time to come here and each time I bring someone that has never been here."

Carmen from New Hampton, NY: "Thank you so much for bringing the Bible alive in a new way to us. I pray that The Lord will continue to be glorified through TBN."

Dollie from Barnsville, GA: "Awesome! It's like being next to Heaven. This is the most beautiful place I've seen."

Gina from Pittsburgh, PA: "This was my first visit to the Holy Land Experience and I recommend it for everyone to see. I received such an outpouring of God's spirit and filling."

Karen from Pittsburgh, PA: "My answer to a prayer was to come back to HLE before my time is gone. He answered my prayer."

Deana from Yatesville, GA: "I was thoroughly entertained. I really enjoyed the humor and the costumes were absolutely beautiful."

Alice from Barnesville, GA: "I have attended HLE 4 times. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience."

James from Shinglehouse, PA: "Unbelievable shows, fabulous buildings and landscape out of this world."

Blessitt from Braddock, PA: "The most beautiful experience ever. Every one and every show was marvelous."

Henrietta from Decatur, GA: "One word to describe it, AWESOME! Every human being that breathes should come to the Holy Land Experience."

Moriz from Arlington, VA: "Holy Land Experience is a beautiful place. It goes beyond my expectations."

Merlin M. "I saw the a Legna play and it really touched my heart. I was moved to tears."

Sally from Dayton, OH: "Holy Land is a great place to visit. Each play I saw were not good, they were VERY GOOD."

Cynthia from Dayton, OH: "I truly enjoyed all of the live performances. They were truly anointed and such a blessing."

Dyouth from Gaithersburg, MD: "I thank God for making this place available for His people. It is awesome!"

Mary from Abbeville, SC: "This is just wonderful. I really have enjoyed all of the shows I have seen today. I hope to come back again."

Deborah from London, UK: "This has bee a truly amazing experience. I have been so blessed, my spirit has been restored."

Thelma from Abbeville, SC: "I have longed to come to the Holy Land Experience. I thank God that He made it possible. I have enjoyed the whole day."

Barbara from Atlanta, Ga: "This has been the most exciting day ever spent in a theme park. I will never forget this day."

Marceline from Keysville, GA: "The show is well worth the trip."

Laura from Waynesboro, GA: "I hope to be able to return again. I would recommend this experience to my friends."

Carolyn from Wrens, GA: "I enjoyed the stories of Jesus. It's my desire that everyone will come to know Him."

Catherine from the Bahamas: "I enjoyed myself very much. Everything was wonderful."

Birdie from Fairmont, WV: "It was something I have never seen."

Janice from Middleton, NY: "Words can't describe how spiritual blessed I received from being here. My understanding of God's love for me has increased and comforts me so much."

Jill from Chesterfield: "Great creative way to spread the story of Jesus. Great changes and additions to the park since we were here 3 years ago. Church of All Nations is fantastic."

Lesa from Millington, TN: "All of your employees were precious. The art work is so amazing."

Nanessa from Mobile, AL: "An awesome experience and so anointed."

Maria from Bayamón, PR: "It's surreal being in the Church of All Nations Theater. I have been watching TBN in PR but never thought I would actually be here worshipping my Lord and Savior."

Hattie from Warrensville Hghts, OH: "I was here about five years ago. I'm so impressed with the changes. It is awesome."

Joyce from Williamston, NC: "I have enjoyed the Holy Land and the people are so nice and friendly. I can feel the Holy Spirit in this place."

Bonnie from Lake Worth, FL: "The shows only become better and better every time I come. Your acting staff are amazing. The best of the best."

Lutherine from Memphis, TN: "This experience has been remarkable."

Elizabeth from Joiner, AR: "Thank God for you all. I have never seen anything so heart filling in all my life."

Synthia from Beeville, TX: "Felt like I was in Jerusalem. Felt the Lord's presence so strong."

Odell from Beeville, TX: "Enjoyed everything. Great hospitality. Would come back again."

Annette from Plainfield, NJ: "Everything was an unexpected surprise. Jesus' birth in the Passion Play was uplifting. The experience was wonderful."

Udeme from Duluth, GA: "From the ent I walked in, there's no denying, you can feel the presence of God."

Edna from Duffield, VA: "This is the most beautiful and touching thing I have seen in my life."

Maria from Bogatá, Columbia: "Your park of Holy Land is incredible and beautiful."

Angelia from Dadeville, AL: "Most amazing thing I have ever seen. Truly God has blessed each of us."

Deborah from Muscle Shoals, AL: "Awesome!! Awesome!! Have been here before and you all are greater and greater at serving the Word of our Lord!"

Keith from Tamarac, FL: "This was our first Holy Land experience and certainly not our last. The wax museum was awesome. The presence of The Lord could be felt, watching the blood running down the rocks."

Ernestine from Green Cove Springs, FL: "We felt the Holy Spirit of God move in this place."

Kelvin from Green Cove Springs, FL: "This is an awesome experience that everyone should see."

Wanda from Lakeland, FL: "This has really been a great experience."

Emma from Columbus, GA: "I come here every time I come to Florida. When I leave, I am renewed."

Myriam from Tampa, FL: "Good professional presentations. You feel the presence of The Lord."

Cheryl from Mt. Vernon, NY: "This was a great, heart felt experience."

Rita from Polk City, FL: "I have enjoyed the whole experience here. My faith has increased even greater."

Asoni from Mobile, AL: "This experience has been breathtaking. It is the Bible alive!"

Ramona from Chester, PA: "God's presence, His anointing, His love from all just ministered to my soul."

Claudette from Waterloo, IA: "Excellent! Enjoyed it so much. God bless all who are a part of portraying such an experience."

Grace from Chester, PA: "Employees are pleasant and very helpful. Plays were awesome and there are no words to express how I felt when I took Holy Communion."

Brenda from Muscle Shoals, AL: "We adore this place. Thank you for all you offer us."

Carol from Hillsboro, NH: "Holy Land is beautiful and reflects the times of Jesus physical life here on Earth. So wonderful."

Deborah from Muscle Shoals, AL: "We are honored to be here. Give God the glory. It is beautiful here and everyone are great servers. Makes me think of how great Heaven is going to be."

Barbara from Albany, GA: "This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It truly makes you feel like you are feeling the true sense of Heaven. Words can't describe the beauty and sense of peace you have being here."

John from Albany, GA: "I enjoyed being here so much. Will definitely come back and stay longer."

Delores from Brooklyn, NY: "I had a wonderful time of my life. I will come again."

Mealey from Lasalle, Quobec Canada: "This was a most uplifting experience."

Sheila from Bloomfield, CT: "Especially enjoyed the Baptism of the Holy Spirit."

Jean from Hartford, CT: "The Holy Land Experience truly has been a blessing to me. It is so wonderful taking a vacation that is filled with spending time praising God."

Ann from MacClenny, FL "We greatly enjoyed our visit. Was touched by the Spirit and presence of God in the dramas."

Jerry from MacClenny, FL "It touched my heart and my eyes with tears of the Lord's presence."

Heather from Brooklyn, NY "Holy Land is a place full of God's grace."

Alesha from Pittsburgh, PA: "Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my experience today. This was my first time in Orlando."

Zoraida from Brooklyn, NY: "I have been here at least four times and every time it gets better and better. When I come to The Holy Land, it's like entering into Heaven."

Roxanne from Pompano Beach, FL: "Beautiful experience. Brings all of the Scriptures to life."

Janice from The Villages, FL: "This has been one of my most enjoyable days ever."

Shiela from Garner, NC: "I enjoyed the performances. It became real and felt close to Jesus while watching the shows."

Margaret from Marianna, FL: "This is all so amazing and awesome. I have been blessed to be in the presence of it all."

Lutricia from Lauren's, FL: "This was truly a blessing to experience."

Barbara from Cottonwood, AL: "You can surely feel God's presence in this place." VA: "Wonderful experience. It has helped me dealing with losing my daughter.

Linda from St. Pauls, NC - "It changed my life, made me closer to my Messiah. I love my God."

Earlene from Fairmont, NC - "This is the best experience I've had in my life. The shows were very joyful and so nice. I will be back with a large group."

Ruth from Pelion, SC - "This is my 3rd visit to the Holy Land Experience. I have enjoyed every visit and look forward to coming back again."

Abel from Mansfield, TX - "Great shows. We were touched by the Word and reminded how much He loves us and we have been forgiven. We are so thankful to the Lord for this amazing place where the name of the Lord is exalted and glorified!"

Gaynell, Cleveland OH- This place is simply amazing. I can feel God's presence.

Natassja, Austin, TX- I came expecting to be entertained. What I got instead was connected to God.

Lisa, Summerville, SC- I really enjoyed my time here. The dramas really brought the scriptures and basic message that God loves us and we are forgiven. Legna really ministered to me.

Bobby, Upper Marlboro,MD- the actors and the stories were outstanding. Just a comparison, Church of All Nations is on the same level as Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA.

Bruce, Austin, TX- My wife is Christian. I never believed in Jesus...but now I wonder.

Geneva, Manning, SC- Wonderful! Marvelous! The best I have seen.

Carolyn, Louisville, KY- My experience at the Holy Land was something I will never forget. Please do not try to improve anything because it was perfect.

Evelyn, Keystone Hghts, FL- enjoyable. Wonderful and excellent!

David,Tampa, FL- Very inspiring and uplifting. My wife and I enjoyed the visit very much and the live performances were incredible.

Joyce,London, England- have enjoyed very much to be in the Holy Land. Felt the heavy presence of the Holy Spirit as I toured this placed. I promise to take the word of God back to England and back to Kenya.

Tershalle, Charlotte, NC- I really enjoyed my day here. I loved how the live theater was relatable to all ages.

Betty, Denver, CO -This experience was one of the most spiritual and moving experiences ever. The messages was most received by me. I left filled with the Holy Spirit.

Linda, Decatur, GA: I was touched with compassion with all of the live re-enactments. It really made the Bible come to life.


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