Words of Witness 

Here are some testimonials from guests at The Holy Land Experience:



Maria from Boynton Beach, FL “My life feels different after visiting this place. The stories told hear have touched my heart.”

Janet from Miami, FL “This place is awesome. My hope is that God continues to bless the employees here as well as the guests who enter the park.”

Angel from Stratford, CT “I found everything to be excellent. It was well worth the trip from Connecticut.”

Kenneth from Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahama “This has been an absolutely wonderful experience.”

Claire from Sunrise, FL “There are no words that can express I have experienced today. It was all so wonderful.”

John from Kinston, NC “Everything has been so wonderful. It is all so beautiful.”

Tori from Philadelphia, PA “About two hours ago I prayed for a friend to be healed of cancer. I just received a text stating that her last check up report just came back stating that she was cancer free.”

Christine from Meriden, CT “O Love this place. I wish I could have seen everything. I will have to come back again.”

Bernice from Northville, MD “This has been an awesome experience from the beginning to the end.”

Ellis from Deland, VA “This was such a blessed day. It has been a wonderful experience. All the shows are so informative and inspiring.”

David from Gary, WV “The Holy Spirit is throughout this entire park. The experience was remarkable and amazing.”

Silas from Farmville, VA “This entire experience was truly a worship experience. We’ve have a desire to visit for so long now and we are so glad we have the opportunity.”

Linda from Ormond Beach, FL “The shows where amazing and the staff was very pleasant and very helpful.”

Adrian from Deltona, FL “I loved everything."


Miles from Providence, RI “It was all so great. This experience is brought some things to light for me.”

Maria from Camden, NJ “It has been very inspiring. This is my first visit here and I have enjoyed it immensely. It was also lovely and it has changed me.”

Daisy from Bronx, NY “I loved everything. Everything is so awesome and I will recommend this place to my friends and family.”

Luz from Deltona, FL “This is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. I love the environment.”

Thelma from Atlanta, GA “It is a very nice heartfelt place to visit.”

Denise from Bellflower, CA “This was a beautiful collection of aspects from the Bible. I appreciate every thing here.”

Cesar from Bronx, NY “Today has been a beautiful day.”

Kerry from Alexandria, VA “It has been a dream come true. I’m totally coming back next year.”

Patrick from Punjab, Pakistan “We are visiting from Pakistan and we decided to visit this park. Is a great ministry of the Lords.”

Sandra from Newark, NJ “I have been very entertained and inspired throughout the day. It is all so emotional.”

Claudia from Winter Park, FL “This has truly been a blessing.”

Jean from San Francisco, CA “It was amazing.”

Constantine from North Chesterfield, VA “I have truly enjoyed it the Holy Land Experience. All of the shows were thought-provoking and inspiring.”

Miriam from Ballwin, NY “My experience here has been awesome. I’m very glad I made the sacrifice to get here.”

Kiana from Worcester, MA “This experience was amazing! I loved the promise production and it was as if it took me back into that time.”

Pat from Queens, NY “Amazing.”

Lee from Sunrise, FL “I was blown away. What a beautiful place this is. I will be back with my family.”

Jennifer from Bronx, NY “I Love it. I really have learned something new today. It has been a speechless experience.”

Beaux from Dorchester, MA “This has been the best time I have ever had.”

Karen from Boston, Ma “It was very informative and very interesting to see. It really has touched my soul.”

Mike from Nigeria “I have been truly blessed. I came all the way from Nigeria to visit this place and it has been a remarkable event.”

Barbara from Atlanta, GA “I have had an awesome experience. God’s light shines here.”


AUGUST, 2016 

Cordelia from North Lauderdale, FL “It was such an eye-opening experience. Everything so informative.”

William from Decatur, GA “I really enjoyed all of the productions. Everything was so well organized.”

Kyle from Sarasota, FL “I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the day.”

Carol from Raleigh, NC “It was great. The presentations were absolutely wonderful. I love it.”

Hal from Stanhope, NV “The performances were outstanding. The architecture is so beautiful and I felt surrounded my God’s love.”

Barbara from New York, NY “I have had a wonderful experience. Everything felt so real.”

Anthony from Newark, NJ “This has been the best part of our vacation.”

Gerald from Brownwood, TX “I have I had an awesome experience. This is a must do when you are on vacation in Orlando.”

Marvin from Lawrenceville, GA “ this was my second time here and I loved it even more this time.”

Edina from Philadelphia, PA “I have had such a wonderful day. God surely show up in a mighty way.”

Osanemo from Nigeria “It was an awesome experience for me. Everything was so good and the Gospel has been preached in full.”

Carmen from Puerto Rico “I loved it. I’ve been planning a visit for two years and I was not disappointed.”

Ernest from Winter Haven, FL “It was great. Everything was so very emotional.”

Hector from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands “All I can say is what a blessing it has been to visit. I had such a great time.”

Lucy from Shakopee, MN “I Love the way this place is set up. Everything felt so authentic and it was aesthetically pleasing.”

Aubrey from Queens, NY “It was wonderful. It has been such an awesome experience and I couldn’t ask for a better time.”

Valerie from Chesapeake, VA “It has been the most beautiful experience I have ever had.”

Maria from Brownsville, TX “You can feel the spirit of the moment you drive onto the parking lot.”

T.R. from Star, ID “I I’m having a great time. I love the Scriptorium so much I decided to go through twice.”

Ashley from Philadelphia, PA “I really enjoyed my day here. It has been truly amazing and unforgettable.”

Vicky from Vinton, VA “This is a wonderful place which I will not soon forget.”

Forman from Upper Marlboro, MD “The shows were great. We had so much fun.”

Kevin from Virginia Beach, VA “Today is our 30th wedding anniversary and we have been so blessed by being able to visit the Holy Land Experience.”

Bernard from Bronx, NY “This experience was amazing. I wish I could stay longer.”

Felicia from Loganville, GA “This place is been so great and wonderful.”

Timothy from Kissimmee, FL “Today is my birthday and I am having the greatest time of my life. This place is so awesome.”

Mercy from Kissimmee, FL “I have had a tremendous experience being in the presence of the Lord in this beautiful place.”

John from Kissimmee, FL “This Park has filled me with so much joy.”

Julie from Philadelphia, PA “This experience has truly changed my life.”

Angela from Wilmington, DE “It has been a wonderful experience. The actors are so very gifted and you can tell Layla what they do.”

Mildred from Newark, NJ “No words can explain such an amazing place.”

Patty from Katy, TX “We have the most beautiful experience. We will cherish this day and our visit forever.”

José from Falls Church, PA “The productions were great.”


Oscar from Miami, FL “The performances were awesome. I enjoyed everything so much and the talent here is beyond words.”

Olga from Laureldale, PA “I can’t even describe how blessed I have been all day. I am enjoying my vacation immensely thanks to this beautiful place.”

Cindy from Newport News, VA “I enjoyed every second here. The actors are also believable in their roles. Everything was superb.”

Mary from Richmond, VA “It was also riveting.”

Gloria from Richmond, VA “It was powerful.”

Daniel from Boynton Beach, FL “We found this experience to be truly uplifting.”

Elizabeth from Kissimmee, FL “I loved it. It’s a very nice and beautiful place. Everyone was so friendly.”

T.L. from Yakima, WA “The presentations were very good. The grounds are beautiful and the staff is friendly.”

Thomas from Hampton, VA “The professionalism and kindness is truly wonderful. This is been a great experience.”

George from Deltona, FL “It as been an amazing experience. Everyone was so wonderful.”

Sherry from Stone Mountain, GA “It is an amazing place to visit. It hasn’t such a powerful day and I really love the Scriptorium.”

Layden from Des Moines, WA “This has been such a meaningful date to Maine. Everything was so beautiful and uplifting.”

Vida from Jamaica, NY “My visit to this wonderful place has been a truly amazing experience.”

Agnes from Crystal Lake, IL “I loved everything about my day.

Deanna from Fairfield, AL “I really enjoyed the shows. Everything is so wonderful.”

Janice from Sahuarita, AZ “It was very impressive.

Stephanie Philadelphia, PA “This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.”

Beverly from Seaford, DE “It has been an awesome experience. It makes you feel like you were back times of Jesus. Everything that was offered with such a wonderful experience.”

Doris from Fort Lee, NJ “Everything about my day has been amazing.”

Carmen from Carmel, NY “I loved it.”

Eduardo from McKinney, TX “It has been an amazing time. This is my second time visiting and I can’t wait to come back for third.”


JULY, 2016 

Urmila from Tampa, FL “The shows were great. The Scriptorium was very well done, and all the information is presented in such a great way. The staff was so nice and friendly.

Melissa from Naples, FL “The script for it was the coolest part. I felt it was very well done. I learned so much today.”

Alexis from Lafollette, TN “This is the best place I’ve ever visited. I have handsets a wonderful time being here today.”

Margaret from Glasgow, Scotland, G.B. “The Scriptorium audiovisual tour was excellent. Everything do some moving today and has encourage me so much.”

Judy from Orlando, FL “I came with my daughter and granddaughter and we have the best time ever.”

Alfred from Ontario, Canada “My wife and I were very impressed with everything here today. We had such a wonderful time.”

Norma from Randallstown, MD “It is so awesome. I have never seen anything so overwhelmingly beautiful. I will tell everyone to come visit this place.”

Abrielle from Moore, OK “It was an amazing experience. I loved everything about it.”

Helen from Brooklyn, NY “My Family and I attended the live shows and were very impressed by the entire experience. Everything is been so encouraging and We loved every moment.”

Linda from Belleville, TX “We watched many of the shows and they were all awesome.”

Spencer from Port Charlotte, FL “I have a lovely time and it is more than I could have ever expected. The actors were so sincere in their parts in this place been such a blessing.”

Sylvia from center, FL “The Park is just beautiful. The people, environment, exhibits are all so wonderful.”

Phyllis from St. Thomas, Jamaica “The backdrops were awesome. Cast cast members made The stories come to life. Everyone was so warm and caring.”

David from Ocala, FL “This has been a spiritually uplifting day. Bible came to life and the staff have been very loving.”

Kysha from Jamaica “The entire experience has been remarkable. I enjoyed the courtesy and affection shown from the moment I walked through the gate.”

Emily from Ports, VA “The entire day and all the performers have been extraordinary.”

Sylvia from Beaumont, TX “I love you all.”

Paul from Miami, FL “It was awesome.”


Alexis from Columbus, MS “I loved it so much. I especially loved the passion drama. I feel so blessed to be here. The best place ever.

Elizabeth from Fayetteville, AR “This place is indeed beautiful. Everything was still alive and full of life giving evidence. I was happy to spend time with my family here and the staff was very friendly.”

Roland from San Bernardino, CA “It was a wonderful experience. The scenery is so beautiful and the people are so very kind here.”

Bernice from Franklinton, LA “This experience is remarkable. We will cherish the memory of today for the rest of our lives.”

Sheila from Paris, KY “I have seen the Bible and experienced it come to life. I wanted to have an earthly experience and for me this place has done just that.”

Lois from Dallas, TX “I thought everything was excellent and everyone did a good job in the performances.”

Omatayo from Ocala, FL “Whoa! This place is amazing. The programs were very well done and Jesus can be felt in every aspect of the program. This is indeed a truly wonderful experience.”

Able from Ocala, FL “I loved every moment today. You can feel Gods presence the moment you have driven on property.”

Dede from Ocala, FL “I am always very excited to visit this place. I always have to bring friends and family when I come to visit.”

Vince from Ormond Beach, FL “I found everything to be truly touching. Everything has been excellent.”

David from Ocala, FL “I have been spiritually uplifted by this place today. The Bible has come alive and is a spiritual awakening for those to come. The staff is very loving and caring.”

Spencer from Port Charlotte, FL “I hello lovely time. It is more than I who have expected it to be. The actors we’re so sincere in their parts and I love the changes that are happening right now.”

Kysha from Jamaica, West Indies “The entire experience was remarkable. I enjoy the courtesy and affection shown from all that work here. The shows are awesome and performers were outstanding.”

Sylvia from Seffner, FL “The park is just beautiful. The workers in the environment are all so awesome.”

Sylvia from Beaumont, TX “This has been an amazing experience. The cast and the rest of the employees maybe atmosphere so wonderful.”

Phyllis from St. Thomas, Jamaica “This please give’s an awesome backdrop to the stories of the Bible. The cast members make everything come to life hearing

Emily from Virginia Beach, VA “The entire day and all of the performers were extraordinary.”


Mira from Brooksville, FL “I Love the Holy Land Experience. I’ve been coming for years and have seen all of the changes. They have all been so good. I have brought many guests to common experiences throughout the years.”

Elda from McAllen, TX “I cannot express the peace and special feeling I felt the moment I walked into this place of worship.”

Vanessa from Jamaica “It was absolutely a beautiful experience. I will definitely be back for another visit and I will bring people with me.”

David from West Columbia, SC “All of the plays were very well done. God bless you for everything you’re doing.”

Isabel from Bronx, NY “I don’t have the words. It was just great. Everything was perfect.”

Sherry from Anderson, SC “I have enjoyed my awesome experience here today. I have been revived and empowered.”

Rob from Linwood, NC “Today is my 55th birthday and what a special birthday it has been just by visiting.”

Frederick from Sumter, SC “The food was good. We really enjoyed our experience here. All of the exhibits were awesome. We love the fact that weekend take communion. All of the light dramas that we saw were excellent and everything made us feel like we are actually in biblical times.”

Pamela from Mesa, AZ “The performances were excellent.”

Augusta from Palmyra, PA “We have been totally blessed by all that we have been able to partake in today. The place, vignettes, food, And especially the Jesus actor have all been so very touching.”

Gina from Dallas, TX “It was awesome and wonderful. The players have revived our love of Jesus.”

Josephine from New Church, VA “The Spirit of the Lord is here. This is my second time visiting and it will not be my last.”

Carinthia from Magnolia, DE “I have really enjoyed my experience here today. The shows are really self examining and realistic.”

Debra from Houston, TX “It was more than I hoped for.”

Milagros from Cleveland, OH “In a world full of tragedies it is so nice to be able to come to a place like this. We’ve had a beautiful encounter with Jesus.”

Linda from Suffolk, VA “The shows we’re inspirational, professional, and superb throughout. The scenery and costumes were just breathtaking.”

Tiana from Wharton, TX “This place is very beautiful. We enjoyed all the shows in the staff was extremely helpful And kind.”

Chris from Irving, TX “This place is amazing. My family and I are visiting from Texas we are really wanted to stop by and check the place out. It was the best time of our trip so far. The actors in the plays are wonderful and made many of us tear up. We had a great time and we thank you all for the experience.”

Gloria from Texas City, TX “The dramas were awesome.”


Gerald from Pompano Beach, FL “Today is my third trip to this wonderful park. I enjoy everything that this place has to offer.”

Carmen from Worcester, MA “This is the best experience ever for my husband tonight. You can feel the presence of God in everything that is here.”

Nate from Boston, MA “I loved all of the shows. Everything was so heartfelt and this place is beautiful.”

Alfredo from Orange City, FL “I want to tell everyone I know about how great this park is. It is filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Susanna from Louisville, MS “My experience here has been awesome. I enjoyed myself tremendously.”

Catherine from Louisville, MS “I was truly blessed. I will recommend to everyone.”

Robert from Riverside, CA “My Spirit has been touched many times over. Everything was just so wonderful and excellent.”

Claudia from Vernon, BC, Canada “This was an amazing presentation. Everything was awesome.”

Barbara from Nassau, Bahamas “This was truly an amazing experience. I am believing God for all that has been promised.”

Lidia from Cockeysville, MD “The wax museum is phenomenal.”

Audrianna from East point, GA “This is an amazing experience.”

Anthony from Baker, LA “The shows were completely accurate and phenomenal to watch. I loved it all.”

Ramon from Hamilton, Bermuda “It was great. I loved everything.”


Julius from Tallahassee, FL “It was truly a blessing for me and my family. We will be visiting again. We loved it so much.”

Shirley from McEwan, TN “We have spent two days here and it has been such a joy. This is been a life changing experience.”

Irene from Fayetteville, MD “Everything has been excellent and very informative. This place is both beautiful and awesome.”

Helen from Berkeley, MO “I how desire to experience this place for so many years. Now I can truly say that it is a wonderful place.

Judy from Lafayette, LA “My experience here today has been such a blessing. I truly enjoy everything that this part had to offer.”

Gertrude from Springfield, MO “It has been very enjoyable. It is such an inspirational experience.”

Ivy from Miami, FL “This has been the most beautiful experience of my life. I will be back with more people.”

Doris from Spring, TX “Our experience has been amazing every host has been so kind and very helpful.”

Laura from Hemingway, SC “This has been the most amazing place I have a revisited. It is so beautiful.”

Harold from Smithville, TX “The Holy Land Experience has been a true blessing for our family to experience. We are very thankful to be given this opportunity during this time in our lives.”

Jacqueline from Virginia Beach, VA “It was a very nice experience. This is more than I could have ever imagined it would be.”

Karen from Clarksville, TN “It has been a beautiful day. The music, plays, grounds, and food have been outstanding. It feels like I have been with Jesus all day.”

Derek from Virginia Beach, VA “The Park has fantastic presentations and there has been a great flow to this day.”

Jocelyn from Starkville, MS “This has been the most blessed experience I have ever had. It has been wonderful and I will be back again.”

Martha from Kissimmee, FL “I love this place.”


Louis from LA Porte, TX “My family and I drove a long way to get here. We turned into the parking lot a warm feeling came across me. It’s hard to explain, but this is a life changing experience.”

Kimberly from Deltona, FL “This was such a wonderful and blessed experience I have never experienced anything like this before.”

Sheila from Roselle, NJ “This has been an awesome and priceless experience.”

Stacy from Darlington, SC “The experience here has been completely awesome. I really enjoyed myself in this beautiful place.”

Ebony from Sharon, SC “the shows were very heartfelt and emotionally charged. I have really enjoyed my Holy Land Experience.”

John from Macon, GA “This has been a true and moving experience for my family and I.”

Andrew from Marable, AK “This has been one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.”

Cynthia from Fayetteville, NC “I have had an amazing, life changing experience. Everything was simply beautiful.”

Angelina from Syracuse, NY “Words cannot express the joy I have after visiting this beautiful place. This shows and reenactments are like nothing I have ever seen. I have enjoyed my time here today.”

Steven from McEwen, TN “I I wasn’t sure if I would like this place, Boy was it awesome. God is so good and I feel so blessed after visiting this place.”

Maddie from Jefferson, SC “I enjoyed it so much. Everything I saw felt so real.”

Kyle from Canada “This experience has been so amazing. I feel closer to God than ever before. I love coming here because everything feels so real.”

Tony from Shillington, PA “It was such a real experience. I love it and my family enjoyed it immensely.”

Carmen from Reading, PA “It is a place where you feel like you’re with Jesus. Everyone is so friendly and the staff is so helpful.”

Susan from Hyde Park, NY “I I’m so happy that I visited today. This was an awesome experience. We love the passion drama and were moved to tears.”

Kayla from Chicago, IL “What blessing it has been to be in this place.”


Jasper from Panama City, FL “Very Uplifting. Enjoyed it so much. It felt like we were in times.”

Ann from Kleppe, Norway “The shows here have taught me so much. They’re very touching. I was here last year and had to come back and see it again.”

Donald from Mount Morris, MI “The shows were great.”

Angela from Miami, FL “I Love it. Everything was excellent. The protections were great and the staff was friendly.”

Thelma from Flint, MI “I very much enjoyed all the exhibits and drums. Everything was so excellent.”

Colin from Columbus, MS “It was wonderful. I had a wonderful experience and I will come back again. I will recommend this place to anyone and everyone.”

Rhonda from Houston, TX “This is a wonderful place. The cast has been extremely passionate and they have made me understand the Bible so much more.”

Crystal from College Park, GA “I have had a truly awesome experience that has touched my soul. This place has energized me to push forward the spiritual.”

Milargro from Camden, NJ “I had an awesome experience. This is a must see and invest visit when you are in Orlando, FL.”

Stacy from New Haven, CT “Thy Ministry through this experience has been amazing. I totally enjoyed myself the whole day.

Elizabeth from Camden, NJ “I enjoyed it very much. It has been so emotionally charged today. I feel free.”

Leslie from Bronx, NY “This is truly a beautiful and godly place. I feel honored just to be able to attend.”

Thomasina from Philadelphia, PA “Everything has been so beautiful. I standing on how beautiful the parkas.”

Henry from Miami, FL “The shows were great.”

Eva from Houston, TX “The plays were excellent.”

Jane from Charleston, SC “Everything was awesome.”

Calvin from Mobile, AL “We had a great time.”

Phyllis from Manassas, VA “Great performances.”

Deb from Highland, IL “Everyone did awesome job.”

Michael from Lake Charles, LA “The presentations were very good.” 


Bobbie from Loxley, AL “The shows were very good. I loved it.”

Hope from Magnolia, NC “The food and the atmosphere were awesome. I can’t wait to come back. The whole experience was wonderful.”

Vivian from Starke, FL “The Bible stories that were told to the productions were surreal. They’re no longer just a worries of the real life. Everything was so extremely emotional.”

Angel from Mount Bethel, PA “Everyone from the staff I met greeted me with a smile of sincerity. All the live dramas from today we’re very moving.”

Candy from Belleville, NJ “My husband said ‘It’s absolutely amazing. It’s like you can really see Jesus here.’ And he was right.”

Patricia from East Orange, NJ “I loved it.”

Dee Dee from Union, NJ “It was very nice.”

Cassondra from Raleigh, NC “It was a great experience. I enjoy the shows. Everything was so very touching and informative.”

Mary from Macon, GA “Awesome!”

Elizabeth from Chicago, IL “Wow! I had an awesome time. This place is great.”

Ella from Birmingham, AL “Disney World of cannot top of this place.”

Jeremy from Nigeria “Excellent!”

Roger from Bladenboro, NC “It was very enjoyable. I had a truly amazing experience.”

Tammy from Beaumont, TX “This is my favorite place to visit when I come to Orlando.”

Olivia from Lombard, IL “This has been a life changing experience for me.”

Christie from Houston, TX “Today my dream has come true driving here.”

Peggy from Lafayette, IN “I don’t have words to describe how much my visit here today has helped me.”

Lynne from West Palm Beach, FL “The entire experience and all of the shows get better each time I come.”

Michael from Chicago, IL “I really enjoyed this experience.


JUNE, 2016 

Cynthia from Charleston, SC “The employees here we’re very patient kind and attentive to our needs.”

Fulton from Beaufort, SC “It was outstanding. I will tell all my family and friends of this wonderful experience. I can’t wait to visit again.”

Michael from Newark, NJ “It was a wonderful experience. All of the line dramas were excellent in the presence of God is truly here.”

John from Columbus, MS “It is like heaven on earth.”

Fran from Tallahassee, FL “What a wonderful Holy Land Experience.”

Jay from Los Angeles, CA “I loved it.”

Jana from Brooklyn, NY “It was amazing. This was so beautiful and inspiring.”

Linda from Fayetteville, NC “This place is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I truly enjoyed this day.”

Colleen from Desoto, TX “This was an amazing experience. I had my doubts about this park but I am so glad this was the first stop we made upon arrival.”

Kelvin from Dunn, NC “It was amazing. We were awestruck at the artifacts preserved in the scriptorium. This is our first visit and we we’re extremely impressed.”

Barbara from Chesterfield, VA “I loved it. Words cannot express what I and feeling right now.”

John from Sumter Ville, FL “It has been a blessing to me.”

Kevin from Boynton Beach, FL “The acting was excellent. The steam sending was beautiful and the costumes were gorgeous. Every show had a great message behind them.”


Diane from Baltimore, MD “Excellent! Wonderful.”

Tracy from Middleburg, FL “I loved it.”

Mary from Charleston, SC “It was fantastic. I want to bring more my family to see this wonderful place. We really enjoyed it.

Marion from Raleigh, NC “This was awesome.”

Erica from Lumberton, NC “This experience is amazing. The dramas were great atmosphere was great.”

Natalie from Myrtle Beach, SC “The performances were excellent.”

Carl from Canton, GA “It was a blessing.”

Grady from Mobile, AL “The performances were heartfelt.”

Vicky from Cleveland, OH “I enjoyed my experience immensely. I can feel the presence of God during the productions. The biblical displays are excellent and everything is just so well-done.”

Pauline from Putnam Valley, NY “My heart is truly blessed. I’m so humbled in the presence of this place and I am so glad I have been able to experience the presence of the Lord here.”

Victoria from Indianapolis, IN “The shows were great and I kept my attention. The actors did a great job with their roles and they stayed in character. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.”

Pearl from Columbus, MS “This place is almost as nice as I imagine heaven will be. I will always make this at vacation priority.”

Linda from Starkville, MS “This is my first time being here and I have been truly blessed by these life-changing dramas.”

Charlotte from Dayton, OH “I enjoyed every moment.”

Sharon from Jacksonville, FL “I really enjoyed my time here. The actors were very realistic and the costumes were beautiful. The singers were fantastic.”

Cynthia from Mesquite, TX “I enjoyed the passion drama.”

April from Stringer, MS “I loved everything. It was an experience of a lifetime and I really enjoyed it.”


Jocelyn from San Diego, CA “This has been my dream for years. This has been a beautiful experience and I’ve enjoyed everything.”

Catherine from Mobile, AL “I and so appreciative of all of the hard work has gone into this beautiful place. Presentations are so real and I have loved every minute of it.”

Link from Windsor, CT “I had a wonderful experience. It’s so nice having a place where I can come and rest in the presence of God. I’m reminded of God loving this place.”

Asia from Sparks, NV “ I am so grateful for this experience. It was perfect timing for what I’m going through. It has been a time where I have begun to doubt. This experience has reminded me of who God is. It was beautiful. Everything was amazing.”

Andrea Claremont, FL “This place is beautiful. Everything so well put together. Is also real and lifelike. Performers are so talented and the people that work here are great. They’re so friendly and courteous.

Phyllis from Port St. Lucy, FL “I love the Holy Land Experience. I was healed of cancer right here. I was prayed for and after going to the doctor I knew the tumor died here. I love the passion play.”

Jackie from Landover, MD “I have had a great experience. I will return with others and I will tell everyone about this place. It’s in an exciting day.

Keisha from Linden, NJ “The Holy Land Experience has been best experience I have. I never miss a moment to come here.”

Vickie from Lumberton, NC “I enjoyed seeing all the exhibits. The dramas we’re very emotional and I love the praise and worship after Passion drama. I’m glad that during my vacation I visited this beautiful park.”

Janine from North Lauderdale, FL “Overall my experience was very good. We received an awesome staff food was tasty and affordable. Live Drums we’re realistic and spiritually driven.”

Ethel from Memphis, TN “I have you enjoyed everything that I have Heard and seen today. It was also spiritually filled. I can’t wait to tell others about this place. I will be bringing friends and family their next chance I get.”

Margaret from Panama City, FL “This is my first time here. I love it. It is so awesome., Friendly people, people places, all of it make it hey wonderful place to visit. I am so excited to be here I am so glad that we came. I will come back and I will also tell others about this place.


Oreatha from Henrico, VA “I Felt the presence of the Lord as our car turn the corners and came on property.”

Luis from Passaic, NJ “I had a great experience today. It has truly changed my life.”

Luz from Orlando, FL “I’m so blessed to be here and experience this beautiful part. It couldn’t be better.”

Connie from San Antonio, TX “The shows were awesome. I have been very emotional all day and I will be returning.”

Everett from Lancaster, VA “I thought everything was well acted and the plays were great.”

Colleen from St. Cloud, FL “Today is my second time here and I love it.”

Melissa from Jersey City, NJ “Wow! It’s my first visit to HLE and it was awesome.”

Helen from Georgetown, KY “I had a rewarding experience. I have been truly blessed by this place.”

Charlotte from Richmond, VA “Wow! It was excellent.”

Elizabeth from Henderson, NC “Great experience.”

Linda from Valdosta, GA “This was an amazing experience. This is a great place to visit.”

Shirley from Raleigh, NC “It was a great experience.”

Brenda from Pomeroy, OH “It was absolutely awesome.”

Handel from Zürich, Switzerland “It is very interesting and touching.”

Kenneth from Hope Mills, NC “Great.”

Sandra from Compton, CA “I Love the total experience of HLE. But it was the passion drama that my spirit. It was so emotional to me back to that place where all of it began.”

Gladys from Westbury, NY “This was the absolutely greatest place of ever visited.”

Christie from Keithville, LA “I really enjoyed all of the plays. They were very touching and amazing.”

Barbara from Somerville, SC “It was a most exhilarating experience. This is a must see for all.”

Gail from Hope, AR “We really enjoyed our visit here. The experience was just amazing and awesome.”

Linda from Woodlawn, MD “This was my second time here and I truly enjoyed the performances of all the actors again.


Renée from Bowie, MD “This is our honeymoon and we could not have spent it in a better place. We have enjoyed this very much.

Perry from Bowie, MD “This has been a great treat to my wife and I who are in our third day of matrimony.

Kimberly from Ozark, AL “The Holy Land Experience is one of the best places that we have ever visited.”

Brenda from Lenexa, KS “Amazing, I would love to work here someday.”

Loretta from Kansas City, KS “I love how everyone treated us. All of the reenactments of the Bible were wonderful.”

Carol from Birmingham, AL “The worship service continued all day.”

Kenneth from Pensacola, FL “the holy land Experience as a visual delight spiritual enrichment to all believers in Christ.”

Andy from Hemingway, SC “The Drive dramas were great, meaningful, and easy-to-follow. The singers were awesome in the costumes were so elegant and beautiful.”

Aleeza from Sydney, Australia “It has been a wonderful day, and full of surprises.”


Brandy McQuade-Reviewed Holy Land Experience
"We visited in March towards the end of our first Disney vacation. We've been wanting to take our kids to Disney for years
and finally made it happen. The Holy Land Experience was definitely on our agenda but this was after all our "Disney" vacation (I say
that with honesty and know it sounds bad). During the Passion performance, I heard sniffling and noticed my 9 year old was so
moved, she was crying. During the rest of the performance I watched as she (and my littler ones) were taking it all in. As we left
in the crowd, she said, "THAT WAS MY FAVORITE PART OF ALL OF OUR VACATION." That my friends about made me drop to my knees in
gratitude for our God and this ministry. We (adults) were so focused on Disney (which as wonderful) that we minimized the GREATNESS
of our God. All the princesses, glitter, and "magic" of Disney can't outshine the truth and love of our sweet Savior. I highly recommend
going here and taking KIDS! We loved the Holy Communion and felt the presence of God moving. It was apparent that the staff were not
just "acting" but truly working in their giftings to touch others and share the love of Christ. Well done."


Maria from Bronx, NY “I have been blessed to be here.”

Randall from Leesville, LA “The staff is great. The facilities are beautiful. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Bernard from Bronx, NY “I loved it. I have not seen anything like this.”

Nancy from Vineland, NJ “I felt the presence of the Lord and a piece throughout the whole park.”

Mavis from Bronx, NY “I thought the shows were uplifting.”

Jennifer from Folsom, LA “This has been a wonderful experience. Our daughter loved the shows as much as we did.”

Eliza from Vineland, NJ “It was a beautiful and emotional experience.”

Maria from Waldorf, MD “It was spectacular.”

Elijah from Richland, SC “It was awesome.”

Anita Columbus, GA “Great!”

Marie from Albuquerque, NM “The Holy Land Experience is so beautiful and peaceful. All of the employees are helpful and friendly.”

Florence from Brooklyn, NY “I thought everything was beautiful and lovely.”

Nancy from Lake View, SC “I was truly blessed today.”

Sandra from Brunswick, GA “The shows were great.”

Wilfredo from San Juan, PR “This was a great experience.”

Zelda from Chapel Hill, NC “I have been so pleased with everything I have experienced today.”

Clara from Decatur, AL “The entertainment was great. I enjoyed every moment.”

Joanne from Pembroke Pines, FL “I enjoy the Holy Land Experience.”

Ruth from Montgomery, AL “Everything was great.”

Eugene from Dayton, OH “We enjoyed everything.”

Jessica from Middleburg, FL “The dramas were wonderful. And you have a super nice staff.”

Jenny from Toa Alta, PR “Great.”


Mehreteab from Stockholm, Sweden “Incredible! You’re so impressed and happy that you guys do on this to represent into the kingdom of God. I felt like royalty.”

Renauttha from Rome, GA “This have been most wonderful experience. It was much more than I expected. The declarations, the acting, and the scenery actually transported me back anytime. I have gained a clear understanding of the culture and times of Jesus. The acting brought new meaning of God’s Word.”

Melissa from Milledgeville, GA “I and here for the first time with about 25 family member. The atmosphere in the sites are breathtaking. I am certain that I will return again.”

Teresa from Columbus, GA “This is an awesome place. I had visited more than four times and each time it gets better.”

Kathy from New Port Richie, FL “This Anthony wonderful experience.”

Larry from Hartwell, GA “My wife and I were truly blessed by the dramas.”

Tandra from Belews Creek, NC “I love the Holy Land Experience.”

Janice from McKinney, TX “Wonderful.”

Niles from Clermont, FL “This is my third visit with my friends and family. We all of the shows so much. Everything is just so very peaceful and beautiful.”

Kathleen from Clearwater, FL “This has been a beautiful experience.”

Pat from Randleman, NC “I love the Holy Land Experience.”

Gloria from Davenport, FL “I had a great time.”

Lou from Davenport, FL “The presentations were very good. You’re such a great place and I have enjoyed this experience.”

Ester from the Philippines “Amazing!”

Gregory from Goldsboro, NC “This has been a wonderful experience for me and my family.”

Johnny from Jackson, AL “The employees were all so very nice.”

Irene from Kernersville, NC “It was just wonderful.”

Alan from Chatsworth, CA “The plays and shows were very inspiring.”

Calvin from Knoxville, TN “The shows we’re Heartwarming in the place is just beautiful.”


Olive from Bloomfield, CT “This is our third trip to this wonderful place and we have enjoyed our experience.”

Ray from Mount Vernon, GA “We are here for her fourth visit. Each visit has been a new experience. Staff is awesome and this is a must visit each time we come to the area.”

Nancy from Chicago, IL “We Love this place. It has been over four years since our last visit and we have been so blessed to get to visit this time.

Elving from Lakeland, FL “I we’ll be recommending this wonderful experience to everyone.”

Dolores from Danville, VA “This has been the most blessed day. This is truly a great experience.”

Mary from Danville, VA “It has been a blessing. There is such a strong anointing in this place.”

Joyce from Gretna, VA “This is an amazing place. It is so beautiful and the music is great.”

Joan from Columbia, NC “The shows are excellent.”

Barbara from Kissimmee, FL “I have enjoyed all of the shows. They were a blessing.”

Donald from Danville, VA “The productions are inspiring and encouraging.”

Alvin from Cleveland, OH “The experience has been a good one. I have been very please with the actors.”

Renée from Nashville, TN “This has been an awesome experience.”

Mike from Belews Creek, NC “I have enjoyed everything about the Holy Land Experience. You can feel the presence of the Lord here. I will return again.”

Jackie from Eastman, GA “I really enjoyed the experience to the fullest.”

Michelle from Belews Creek, NC “This was My first visit and I thought the plays were excellent.”

Valerie from Macon, GA “This has been the best experience my my life. It is so amazing and I can’t help but cry from the experience of this place.”

Kenedi from Behar, LA “I enjoyed everything. I felt the presence of God the moment I entered the gates.”

Liz from Fresno, CA “This has been an amazing experience. The presentations and everything were wonderful.”

Christopher from Frisco, TX “Phenomenal place. I had an incredible time and I will definitely be back.”

Consuelo from Baker, LA “The whole experience has blessed me.”

Austin from Desoto, TX “This is been a great and awesome experience. It was so inspirational touching.”

Jose from Philadelphia, PA “The actors were so professional.”

Marian from Inglewood, CA “Great!”

Christie from Eastman, GA “Everything it Was beautiful. The presentations and the actors in them or superb.”

Maria from Newport News, VA “I enjoyed all of the productions.”

Randy from Brazil “Very good.”

David from Boca Raton, FL “I loved my experience.”

Gertrude from Columbus, MS “This has been a beautiful experience and I’m so grateful for This journey.”

Anna from Chicago, IL “I have to be enjoyed this entire day. The passion drama is always my favorite.” 


Jimmy from Stockbridge, GA “I so amazed at how God has blessed my family and I was such a beautiful and blessed place to visit.”

Carolina from Pembroke Pines, FL “It was excellent and a touching performance. Is a very nice place to visit in the workers are very friendly and helpful.”

Shay from Atlanta, GA “The shows are great.”

Andrew from Jacksonville, FL “Wonderful shows.”

Wanda from Stockbridge, GA “We had a great experience here today. Staff gave excellent customer service.”

Bertha from Madison, GA “This has been an exciting day for me. I have enjoyed all of it. I will visit again in the future.”

Linda from Skillman, NJ “It has been the most inspirational and uplifting experience of my life. I would recommend this god bless place to anyone and everyone who searching as well as two believers. The staff was also very friendly and Christ centered.

Shirley from Anderson, GA “The performances were wonderful. I cried through all of the shows. This was my first trip here and I truly enjoyed it.”

Linda from Orlando, FL “I all of the actors. They were kind to everyone.”

Patricia from Charlotte, NC “It was truly a blessed day. I love everything that I saw and heard.”

Billy from Kenner, LA “It was also beautiful. The whole day and everything was just magnificent.”

Jerry from Indianapolis, IN “Words cannot express my thoughts. Everything was just so beautiful.” 


MAY, 2016

Dorothy from Portsmouth, VA “I have enjoyed both days I have been here.”

Tasha from Cincinnati, OH “We absolutely love the Scriptorium!”

Michael from Chester, VA “It was also very moving. It was a great experience. The depiction of the Bible and its history was accurate and true.”

Tommy from Lawrenceburg, KY “The Jerusalem model presentation was fabulous.”

Evelyn from Landover, MD “It has been an uplifting day. Everything was so annoying and inspiring.”

Leticia from Dade City, FL “I really enjoyed your programs. It was an awesome experience I will definitely return.”

Sheila from Dade City, FL “I loved it.”

Barbara from Gainesville, FL “Words cannot express what I have experience in this beautiful park.”

Patsy from Hastings, FL “I enjoyed everything. I will be back again.”

Tyra from Gainesville, GA “Today’s experience was definitely life-changing. I truly enjoyed every bit of it.”

Mark from Savannah, GA “I thought the shows were wonderful.”

José from Bethlehem, PA “I have been here many times and I am always blessed. Everyone does such a great job.”

Cecilia from Cleveland, OH “The performances were wonderful.”

Barbara from Philadelphia, PA “I Love what you have done. I will tell all of my friends about this great experience.”

Anthony from Miami, FL “I love the park.”

Jean from Pompano Beach, FL “It has been a very nice day to be here with family.”

Sandra from Greensboro, GA “The staff is wonderful. I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge of the Bible and history.”

Judy from Miami, FL “I have come back and visited this part many times. Now I am bringing my family. We all love it so much.

Justina from the Bahamas “This experience was awesome. It makes me feel like I M in heaven already. It is inspiring and so encouraging.”

Olivia from the Bahamas “Everyone did such a great job. I have enjoyed this experience and the staff has really outdone themselves.

Mary from the Bahamas “ my experience has been a most exhilarating. I feel closer to my guns never before and it makes me feel like I am already in heaven. Everything is so beautiful.”

Virginia from Brookhaven, MS “Everything has been wonderful. It was also powerful and excellent.”

Brian from the Bahamas “It was awesome.”


Philip from Virginia Beach, VA “I feel as if I have a closer walk with God after coming. It reminds you of how good he is and it has strengthened me spiritually.”

Kayla from Fayetteville, NC “I enjoyed every show and I want to come back again with my family and friends.”

Aydrey from Virginia Beach, VA “This has been a great experience. It is truly life changing and I was healed. I left leg was severely swollen and has been for over a month. Since being prayed for the swelling has gone down completely.”

Eddie from Elk City, OK “It was awesome. This experience has been more than I could have ever imagined it could be.”

Timothy from Elk City, OK “I really loved all of the performances. I had a wonderful experience here today and I feel refreshed.”

Lauren from Elk City, OK “It was all so very amazing.”

Lorraine from Raleigh, NC “I enjoyed the Holy Land Experience. God has warmed my heart a great deal with this experience. The plays and the music are so touching.”

April from Pearson, GA “I enjoyed all of the shows. Is a very nice place and the Passion play was awesome.”

Joseph from Chesapeake, VA “It was great. I had a fantastic time here today. I can’t wait to visit again.”

Daryl from Chicago, IL “We are on our honeymoon and we are so glad we decided to come here.”

Summer from Pearson, GA “I have really enjoyed my time here today. I plan on returning with people because it is such a touching experience.”

Margarette from Smyrna, GA “The shows were wonderful. This is my second trip and I learned something new each time.”

Tasha from Cincinnati, OH “Wonderful! This is our fifth year anniversary gift and we love it.”

Cynthia from Arlington, TX “We loved it all.”

Harold from Bowie, MD “Nothing short of an outstanding presentation tremendous biblical educational experiences. Everyone should have the opportunity to witness this beautiful place.”

Neil from Rancho Mirage, CA “We came so far to visit this beautiful park.”

Jean from Jackson, MS “This is my first time visiting this beautiful place in my heart has been excited all day. It is also beautifully made and the shows are awesome.”


Sharon from Minneola, FL “This has been a great day. We are so thankful for this opportunity.”

Evelyn from Capito Heights, MO “This place is an awesome life changing experience. It was so encouraging and inspirational.”

John from Fairburn, CA “We Love the scenery here. All of the shows brought the Bible to life for us and we will remember what we have seen.”

TJ from Broken Arrow, OK “This has been a wonderful experience. I can feel God’s anointing in the park. The shows were anointed and I was touched by all of the shows. It is a very unique anointing experience.”

Virgil from Chicago, IL “I’m so glad I traveled from Chicago.”

Yvonne from Adelaide, Australia “I was here 5 ½ years ago and I still feel blessed that I am able to come back and visit again.”

Sheila from Lumberton, NC “It was all so very informative and inspiring. I love the signs and colors of all of the scenes.”

Leon from Lumberton, NC “The shows where great representations of the Bible. Each presentation has a great message.”

Brenda from Baton Rouge, LA “The reenactments of everything that we have seen today has vividly reminded us how blessed we are.”

Rhonda from Miami, FL “Everything is wonderful. We are truly amazed.”

Wayne from Mobile, AL “The whole park is laid out very nicely. We’ve felt at peace the moment We drove onto the parking lot. The presentations were moving and encouraging.”

James from Vero Beach, FL “I have had a great day. We have really enjoyed all of the shows. They were so informative and so entertaining.”

Jessye from Portsmouth, VA “The dramatization were very touching. Drew me and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was also touching and meaningful.”

Elaine from Macon, GA “It has been a wonderful experience. The characters were magnificent and everyone was very friendly.”

Luanne in Jamestown, PA “I have enjoyed it all. I was truly amazed by the spiritual uplifting I received.”

John from Jamestown, PA “I was not expecting the church of all nations to be a service, but you can feel the Spirit move.”

Sherry from Warner Robins, GA “It was wonderful. All of the exhibits are great and The actors are amazing. The staff is very friendly in the personnel we’re very courteous and helpful. The grounds are beautiful.”

Barbara front Portsmouth, VA “The shows us all over amazing. It’s been a wonderful experience.”


Serina from Palm Bay, FL “It was also beautiful. It makes you feel as though you’re already in heaven.”

Dante from Lawrenceville, NJ “I have one word: awesome! The last time we were here I was eight years old and we are truly in all over so much that has been added. We cannot express how blessed we are to have come here and have been given encouragement. We feel peace surrounding us during our time here. The passion play it Is by far the most powerful thing I have ever attended.”

Cecil from Bradenton, FL “Wonderful!”

Terry from Haines city, FL “I tell me whole experience very satisfying.”

Christopher from Gum Spring, VA “Amazing!”

Lillian from St. Petersburg, FL “This was a blessed experience.”

Logan from Hollywood, FL “Excellent in all areas.”

Ruby from Miami, FL “I really enjoyed the park. This is my third straight year bringing my church and we will be back next year.”

Jacqueline from Macon, GA “This what is our first visit and it Was phenomenal. It was so much to do in one day.”

Amaiah from Orlando, FL “This was an awesome experience.”

Tommya from Ocala, FL “We have a blessed day.”

Christine from Erie, PA “This is a parking full of wonderful shows, but it is more than that. It is a spiritual retreat.”

Leslie from Cheyenne, WY “Incredibly well done. I feel like I was part of the bible’s experience. My experience was magnificent.”

Mary from Cheyenne, WY “The Music was beautiful. Everything was excellent and inspiring. The acting was great, and everything spoke to me.”


Jamil from San Francisco, CA “I am thankful for the gentleman who prayed for my father. I know God is here and is using this place to heal and inspire.”

Emma from Apopka, FL “One of the actors who play Jesus prayed with us and it was an awesome experience.”

Kelly from Kentwood, MI “God has his hand all over this place. This is my second time attending this wonderful park and I’m more blessed than I was before.”

Aileen from Bradenton, FL “It with beautiful and amazing. The surroundings are full of love and the amazing staff was so thoughtful.”

Donna from Flemingsburg, KY “Everything was outstanding. It was absolutely amazing.”

Margaret from Raleigh, NC “Everything was so inspirational. It was a life-changing experience.”

Willie from Gary, IN “The productions were excellent and the biblical stories related to modern times. I love the costumes and the actors.”

Judy from Gary, IN “This is a beautiful place. Performances are great and the holy communion brought tears to my eyes.”

Jared from Pinellas Park, FL “I was touched by the events here today. I have been filled.”

Olga from Sunrise, FL “This is my first visit to HLE and it will not be my last. This is a wonderful place and it is such a great experience.”

Aaron from Williamstown, NJ “This has been a spiritual experience. I feel the presence of the Lord here. We have enjoyed our day spending it with fellow believers and we have enjoyed all of the presentations.”

Shirley from Morehead City, NC “The exhibits are awesome. The souvenirs were reasonably priced.”

Sharon from Raleigh, NC “Breath taking.”


Richard from Berryville, AR “The displays are great and seem very valuable.”

Waltonza from Newport News, VA “This has been an awesome experience. I can sense the presence of the Lord here. This is my second time visiting in two months and I will return again soon. Each time I get to experience something different and something more. I love the Holy Land Experience.”

Tony from Detroit, MI “Forgiven was awesome.”

Emily from Apopka, FL “The whole experience was awesome. The person singing before The Four Women Who Loved Jesus was a added pleasure.”

Deborah from Essex, MD “I’m just happy I came to the Holy Land Experience. This is my second time visiting. Hello I was purchasing a souvenir a frankincense and myrrh oil the man Moses begin to explain what the oil meant. I’ve began to weep as God ministered through him.”

Elden from Elkland, MO “This has been a wonderful experience. The whole day was inspirational. It is well worth the time. I will recommend this place for everyone to listen.”

Jamie from San Antonio, TX “The presentations are excellent. It encourages people.”

Charletta from Raleigh, NC “This place has truly changed my life. I’ve been truly bless by this experience.”


Theodore from Germany “Thanks Lord for this place, thanks Lord for TBN. I pray that TBN is available on TV in Germany!”

Beverly from Detroit, MI “Truly enjoyed this tour of the Bible. My first visit to HLE was more than 5 years ago. Love the improvements and new displays”

Jillian from Mt. Vermont, NY “Pray for us as a couple to seek and understand God’s will for the direction of our family. To make the way clear and protect us and guide us as we seek new employment and an out of state move.”

Kelly from Whiting, NJ “Loved it! Praise God!”

Rosa from Jacksonville, FL “I have truly enjoyed myself. All programs were spirit filled, staff prayed for us and we are grateful. Shalom!”

Nancy from Los Angeles, CA “This has been a blessing to my soul”

Adetolla from Chesterfield, VA “I have been seeing The Holy Land Experience on TV and all the previews of the shows, but I came to see it with my own eyes and the park brought the Bible alive in flesh. It is heavenly and glorious. I give glory to and honor to our Father and Jesus our Lord for the divine vision He gave to Mrs. Jan Crouch and the entire TBN people that took part in the park project. The Passion of Christ show I gave 5 stars!”

Hanson from Anonymous “I really enjoyed the Forgiven play, The Scriptorium was fantastic!”

Mae from Florence, SC “It has been a fantastic time here. I truly enjoyed my visit. Pray to be back with family, and friends, plus associates. I loved it all! The best to all of you and will keep you in my prayers. Great job! God continue to shower down His blessings upon all of you!”


Wilbert from Fayetteville, NC “God is good and this is been a whole lot better than Mickey Mouse ever be.”

Judy from Burlington, NC “I have been very blessed by coming here today. This has to be close to what heaven will be like.”

Peter from New Haven, CT “This place is so beautiful. I cannot wait to tell all my friends about it.”

Ernestine from Jackson, TN “I loved all of the shows and services. The whole place is beautiful. This has been a dream come true.”

Christine from Atlanta, GA “The presentations were wonderful. They were so touching. The actors were great and I can’t wait to come see you this place again.”

Essie from Atlanta, GA “It was awesome. I really enjoyed it.”

Mary from Vincent, AL “This has been a wonderful experience.”

Clarence from Vincent, AL “It was a great experience for us. Everyone did a great job and making the Bible come alive.”

Linda from Ports, VA “I really liked all of the new things here. I really enjoy every show, And the bathrooms are amazing.”

Michael from New Haven, CT “This has been an awesome and beautiful experience. I have never experienced anything like it. The status pleasant, patient, and courteous.”

Peggy from Elizabeth City, NC “I have enjoyed every aspect of the day. The food has also been very good.”

Johnny from Cairo, GA “This has been a wonderful way to spend her honeymoon. We loved everything.”

Arsenio from Pittsburgh, PA “This has been the best birthday gift I have ever received. It was a wonderful experience impressed with everything. This is the best attraction I have been to Orlando.”

Marcus from Harrisburg, NC “This was my first visit and I have loved everything. The moment you arrive until that’s presence.”

Susan from Walnut Cove, NC “We enjoyed our visit. It was a refreshing way to spend our vacation.”

Erin from Walnut Cove, NC “The Holy Spirit moved in this place in a way I’ve never experienced.”

Patrick from Summerfield, FL “The grounds are extraordinary and so are the cast members. The buildings are beautiful shows and the actors are excellent.”

Sarah from New City, NY “I am blessed along with my family to be visiting this beautiful place. The Bible has come to life. I have been to Israel but could not go with my family and I’m so glad they were able to visit this place with me.”

Linda from Hampton, PA “I have only seen a small portion of the park so far but I already know the the rest of my day is going to be awesome. Everything have seen so far been outstanding.”


Cesar Orlando, FL “This what a wonderful experience. We have enjoyed the part very much. It has been uplifting and refreshing way for us to get closer to God.”

Linda from macon, GA “This is the most glorious, amazing place I have ever seen or been to. It felt like I was really stepping back in time. God’s presence can be felt the moment you enter the park.”

Catherine from Leesburg, FL “It is simply beautiful.”

Denise from Old Bridge, NJ “This has been a blessed day. Both of the players and the actors in them are excellent. I have learned very much today.”

Michelle from Brooklyn, NY “I had an amazing experience. My so has been truly blessed. I leave this place in power by the word. The performances are great and they stir something up inside.”

Grace from Orlando, FL “I’ve been encouraged all day and the people here are something special. I feel privileged to be here.”

Willie from Charlotte, NC “My wife and I love this place.”

Charles from Tampa, FL “The surroundings are very beautiful. The shows are excellent and I am beyond words. I will be back again.”

Jed from Frostproof, FL “From because they will leave hey better person and be filled with the spirit. I think even if you were having a bad day and you live in Orlando just driving by will do wonders for you and calm your mind and soul.”

Gloria from Fayetteville, NC “All of the shows are great and very spiritually informative. The actors are very talented.”

Kiera I’m St. Louis, MO “I have enjoyed the presentations so much.”

Ed from Indianapolis, MN “Very good.”

Deborah from Marysville, CA “The presence of God is truly here.”

Able from Miami, FL “I loved everything.”

Shirley from Los Angeles, CA “This place is amazing. I love it.”

Jacqueline from Kissimmee, FL “I love this place. It is an amazing experience.”

Geeriee from Laurel, MD “This was an amazing experience. I’ve sat and watched commercials for the whole event experience on TV and three years and I have always wanted to visit. It was worth the wait.”

Gwendolyn from Ocala, FL “This is my first time here and I really enjoyed the shows. The scriptorium was amazing and it was so informative.”

Harriet from Atlanta, GA “This has been an amazing first visit. The dramas were awesome and my heart has truly been touched. The actors were just amazing and everything was so well-done.”

Patsy from North Miami, FL “Every Time I’ve visit is better than last.”

Lisa from Orlando, FL “I Love it.”

Alberta from Orlando, FL “I would love to see more of these places across USA.”

Janet from Homestead, FL “This is my second time here. I’m here today with the Bible club, the live shows are still powerful and heartfelt. People here are friendly and helpful. This experience it Is wonderful.”

Shatoyah from Miami, FL “This is an awesome experience. There’s so much to take in and see. I will definitely bring my family.”

Pat from Stamford, CT “During the Passion drama my legs were in so much pain, but when Michael began to walk around and pray, All payment that was in my legs left my body.”

Glenda from Avenel, NJ “From the bottom of my heart, I love this place.”

Celeste from Mount Dora, FL “It is awesome to hear the old praise songs. Today has been an awakening.”

Tahara from Albany, NY “My whole experience here was amazing. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to visit. Just being able to see how Jesus lived in his time has been amazing.”

Ray from La Roche Sur Yon, France “Amazing.”

Jerry from Bethlehem, GA “This has been a fantastic day. We were here 5 five years ago and there have been lots of changes. The message remains the same and it might even be stronger.”

Lenny from Orlando, FL “This has been a wonderful experience."


Patty from Ocala, FL “The shows were so good. I thought everything was magnificent.

Anita from Raytown, MO “This entire day has been wonderful.”

Jason from Ocala, FL “It was the best day of my life.”

Chris from Fayetteville, NC “This is our second visit to the Holy Land Experience. Today was just as good as our first time if not better. The scenery is beautiful, and the actors were so good.”

Cindy from Chicago, IL “It was amazing. Everything was just beautiful so spiritual. The gardens are lovely and shows are spiritually enriching. I love everything that I saw today and can’t wait to tell my friends about it.”

Kent from Coral Springs, FL “We had a very good experience and everyone was super friendly.”

Marsha from Columbia, SC “The whole experience has been so awesome. I feel much closer Christ.

Michael from Ocala, FL “The the decor was beautiful, and the performances were powerful.”

Serena from Savannah, GA “I really enjoyed this experience.”

Denise from Norristown, PA “This was a wonderful experience. I hope to return again.”

Angela from Tampa, FL “I have been blessed by this wonderful day. I love everything that I saw and heard. This is an answer to my prayers, I have been dreaming of coming here for so long.”

Margaret from Lakeland, FL “All of the shows were superior.”

Dorothy from Ocala, FL “I enjoyed everything. It was all so beautiful.”

Denise from Sacto, CA “This has been a true blessing.”

Brian from Winter Garden, FL “I loved it so much

Paul from Columbus, MS “It was very entertaining and eye-opening. The experience was amazing.”

Paul from Charlotte, NC “IT was an awesome experience and this staff is amazing. The shows were so great.”

Bernadette from Columbus, MS “This what an amazing experience that deep in my face. The productions for so wonderful and the cast is incredibly talented.”


Diane from Bronx, NY “It was all so very awesome.”

Lizzie from Rialto, CA “This is my third visit to the Holy Land Experience, and each time I visit I come away with a new purpose to follow God and his teachings.”

Gary from Rialto, CA “It was very wonderful.”

Joanne from Hurst, TX “It was very well done. Everything was beautiful and done with excellence.”

Suretta from Fort Worth TX” “I’m truly blessed and thankful for this experience. My heart is at peace after being here.”

Anthony from Austin, TX “This place is amazing. All the actors and staff are very kind and friendly. It is a testament of God’s love.”

Helen from Los Angeles, CA “I have had a great time here today. I enjoyed every moment I spend here it was so inspiring and I will be back with my family and friends.”

Ruben from Portland, TX “It is a great place for families to attend. All the shows were inspiring and the helped need to grow in my face. All the performances were awesome. Every one we came in contact with was very professional.”

Carla from Portland, TX “It was a very spiritual and uplifting day. Throughout the whole place you could feel God’s presence. I love the players and the stories from the Bible they reflected. It is truly a beautiful place and I highly recommended.”

Tina from Portland, TX “I loved everything.”

Rosa from New York, NY “Today I have had the best time, and everyone was so nice.”

Debra from Hayward, CA “I got chills.”

Miguel from Orlando, FL “It was a wonderful experience. The staff we’re very friendly and helpful.”

Robert from Bronx, NY “I felt blessed by entering the gates. It is a beautiful place.”

Andrea from Tampa, FL “It was awesome.”

Linda from Lakeland, FL “I came to surprise my mother-in-law since she has wanted to come here. Instead I was very surprised. This is been the best experience I’ve had. The Last Supper were such a deep and amazing experience. This place is awesome and I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.”

Dolores from Birmingham, AL “The park was amazing.”

Noemi from New York City, NY “I I’m overwhelmed with this beautiful place. My sister-in-law and brother surprise me and my mom. My favorite part of my day was having the Last Supper with Jesus. It was breathtaking and heartfelt.”

Denise from Goose Creek, SC “It is a wonderful place.”

Rob from Auburn, AL “Excellent.”

Betty from Auburn, AL “I enjoyed our day very much.”

Joanna from Port St. Lucie, FL “The shows were terrific. The whole day was wonderful.”

Angela from Portland, TX “It was a wonderful experience. It is wonderful seeing the Bible being the focus.”

Kiaey from Chicago, IL “I truly enjoyed everything.”

Ida from Miami, FL “It was fabulous.”

Julia from Lilburn, GA “I have nothing bad to say about this place. It was a wonderful and spiritual experience.”

Andre from Philadelphia, PA “It was also very good.”


Maria from Orlando, FL “I enjoyed it very much. All of the staff do an amazing job.”

Wanda from Dover, NJ “I felt the spirit move today.”

Jackson from Washington DC “The experience was very spiritual. It was so enriching and enlightening.”

Donna from Raleigh, NC “Your Steph is the best. I have never felt so welcome to an amusement park before. Everyone was so helpful to me in my whole family.”

Carol from Reynoldsville, PA “It was very uplifting and passionate.”

Evelyn from Haines city, FL “This is my third visit to the Holy Land Experience. I keep coming back because everything is so wonderful. I love seeing about the life.”

Vera from Orlando, FL “The presentations are very good and the gospel is preached clearly. The staff was very friendly.”

Gwendolyn from Dayton, OH “I I wanted to come visit this place for years and I’m so glad I finally got a chance.”

Carlos from Brentwood, TN “Wonderful.”

Nelson from Tavares, FL “I really enjoyed your programs.”

Lisa from Ellenwood, GA “It is more than a theatrical play. It was also very real.”

Benjamina from Vineland, NJ “I have enjoy the presence of God in this place and in the love of the people who work here. I especially enjoyed the communion room.”

Carrie from St. Petersburg, FL “This has been one of the greatest Mother’s Day gift ever.”

Janice from Bear, DE “This has been an experience and a blessed event. It was so moving in the spirit fell today.”

Sherry from Melbourne, FL “I absolutely love the praise and worship services.”

Octavia from Myrtle Beach, SC “The entire experience has been both an emotional and beautiful one. It has truly brought me closer to God.”

Rosalyn from Tampa, FL “This what an awesome experience. It Was my first time here and I treated myself my birthday. I was so moved and I cannot wait to return. This is been one of the best times of my life.

Liza from Ormond Beach, FL “It is a really awesome experience.”

Michael from Paterson, NJ “I was truly blessed. Everything was amazing.”

Carol from Macon, GA “This was it fabulous experience. It brought back so many memories of what God has done for us.”

Steven from Nigeria “I have enjoyed this experience. The programs are fantastic and spiritually refreshing.”


Nicole from Winter Garden, FL “It it Was very well laid out. So very interesting. I thought everything was reasonably priced and it was a nice break from Disney and the other parks.”

Nedia from Memphis, TN “I hey wonderful experience. I enjoyed it all. I will be back again and I will recommend it to my family. This truly was a life changing experience and it such a beautiful place. The food was good as well.”

Pablo from Spring Hill, FL “We are visiting for the very first time today and we are already planning our next visit.”

David from Memphis, TN “This place is so anointed and full cost presents.”

Sandra from Memphis, TN “We have a wonderful experience. It was great to see this life-changing place.”

Marita from Lauderdale Lakes, FL “Great job. Everything was so excellent and the staff was wonderful.”

Fade from Rockville Centre, NY “My friend and I thought the shows were spectacular. Costumes alright vision of loveliness any attention to detail is amazing. The presenters and hosts are engaging and well spoken. The ministry staff is warm and comforting. They are Spirit filled.”

Katrina from Memphis, TN “This has been the best experience ever. The walk-through was exciting and humbling. The wall of names of breathtaking and that he is risen English is awesome. Entire park is amazing. I will be back with my family.

Kimberly from Memphis, TN “I really enjoyed everything.”

Teresa Oakland, TN “The edifice is simply beautiful. This is my second experience here and I will be back again.”

Jean from Lauderdale Lakes, FL “This is my first time here and I was excited. It is a beautiful place in the staff are excellent. I want to come back soon.”

Thomas from Land O Lakes, FL “The whole place is great.”

Rhonda from San Diego, CA “I have had a blessed experience. I felt the presence of God here.”

Alexander from Tampa, FL “This is my second time visiting and I love all the shows.”

Stephanie from Marion, IA “Everyone was very well spoken. The scenes in the plays were great and Everything was so realistic. It was a great experience.”

Friend from Newport News, VA “The Holy Land Experience it’s so beautiful. The experience for me was awesome.”

Bernadine from Columbus, OH “I loved this visit. It was such a spiritual and eventful time being here.”

Barbara from Tampa, FL “It has been such a rewarding day. It was a wonderful experience and I will be back.”

Lorenzo from Columbia, SC “Great job. I’ve learned a lot today.”

Carlton from Holland, MI “Amazing.”

Ken from Grove City, OH “I love the passion play. I have no words. I will be back.”

Kevin from Grove City, OH “The shows were great. God’s hand is all over this place. I love it.”

Victor from San Antonio, TX “I loved the shows very much. Everything was so excellent emotional. I will have to come back with friends soon.”


Bobby from Port Orange, FL “The experience here at the park is surely and anointed one.”

Juliet from Decatur, GA “Great presentation. This is my third year coming.”

Cassandra from Decatur, GA “I enjoy myself every time I visit here. This is an enlightening experience.”

Rosie from Kingsland, GA “Very interesting and enlightening. There is a lot to see experience for adults and kids alike. I really enjoyed my visit.”

Michael from Aruba “We love the Holy Land Experience.”

Mirta from Allentown, PA “This has been hey blessing. It is such a great experience.”

Monta from Columbus, OH “This is really a great experience for everyone that attends.”

Tina from Lake Mary, FL “I thought this was a great experience and I will definitely be back.”

Alberto from Kingsland, GA “All of the shows and landscaping is so lovely. My family was so amazed with the actors presenting the word of God.”

Ron from Birmingham, AL “We enjoyed all of the presentations. It is very clean and the people working here very friendly.”

Melanie from St. Mary’s, GA “Powerful!”

Theresa from Macon, GA “It was very spiritual and very touching to our spirit. We love the scriptorium in all of the exhibits.”

Kay from Salisbury, NC “The she shows were great.”

Steve from Salisbury, NC “I enjoyed it very much.”

Carla from Miami, FL “It is a wonderful place.”

Lettie from Millington, TN “It is a very beautiful place. It Is so very enjoyable and inspiring. I enjoyed all the performances.”

Michelle from Aberdeen, MD “This was truly a great experience. It was heartfilling.”

Denika from Tampa, FL “ I brought my mom here for Mother’s Day and this is been the best experience ever. I’m so blessed to be able to bring her here.”

Albert from Bradenton, FL “This has been such a wonderful experience. I will treasure this forever.”

Christina from Smyrna, GA “Wonderful!”

Edwin from Pasadena, CA “Beautiful. I decided to visit this place. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Vivian from Puerto Rico “I love this experience.”


Kim from Little Elm, TX “This is my second experience. The first it is so amazingly spiritual uplifting we will have to return for a third visit. The staff is very engaging. The Cassidy show identified with the intensity of Christ. Overall it was an awesome experience.”

Wesley from Tampa, FL “It was absolutely amazing. This was an amazing experience for my 89th birthday.”

Michelle from Pasadena, CA “I enjoyed myself and I was educated in things long forgotten. The presentations were so good and very lifelike. I will tell my family and friends my experience today.”

Robert from Delray Beach, FL “We really enjoyed the shows. The whole place is very clean and the staff was very friendly. The experience was extremely informative.”

Juliana from Newark, NJ “It was amazing. Everything was absolutely enjoyable and God’s presence fill this place. I’m truly blessed.”

Cathy from Maple Hill, NC “This experience has been magnificent! God’s glory is ever present in this place. I will recommend that everyone visit this beautiful park.”

Virginia from the Bronx, NY “This was great experience. The staff was very friendly and the Church of all Nations was beautiful.”

Marilyn from Palm Beach Gardens, FL “We enjoyed our day at the Holy Land Experience. The performers were terrific.”

Jordan from Macon, GA “I was baptized here today. I’ve enjoyed this day to the fullest and I will return.”

Carrie from Macon, GA “Awesome! Powerful!”

Pauline in Roselle, NJ “I enjoyed every one of the programs. It was very inspiring.”

Claudette from Brooklyn, NY “It what’s fascinating to see the Bible comes alive. Each segment shows Jesus’s love for his people.”


John from Palm Coast, FL “Awesome!”

Sheila from Marietta, GA “Awesome! No words can describe what I am feeling.”

Rhonda from Roswell, GA “Everything has been wonderful. I will tell my friends how great the shows are.”

Marlene from Dallas, TX “Everything was so much more than I expected.”

Judy from Crystal River, FL “I The the shows. It was a pleasure seeing everything here and everyone is so nice.”

Linda from Grasonville, MD “It was awesome.”

Annette From Beaufort, SC “I enjoyed myself all day today at the Holy Land Experience. The few hours I was here was very exciting. It Is awesome to see the stories come to life. Everything is amazing.”

Cliff from Lake Placid, FL “We c ame here today to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We are so grateful to God for what he has done in this beautiful place.”

Anna from Miami, FL “I enjoyed the experience.”

Mary from Hamilton, UT “This is a beautiful place.”

Lavern from Orlando, FL “I had such a wonderful experience. It was truly inspiring and such a blessing.”

Marshall from Lawrenceburg, KY “Thought everything was simply beautiful. It was so calming.”

David from Monroe, NJ “We were so thrilled walking through the gates. The staff is incredibly genuine and kind. The plays we’re so powerful.”

Charles from Hope Mills, NC “Simply amazing.”

Dennis from Jacksonville Beach, FL “I’m speechless. It was all so exciting.”

Dale from Bradenton, FL “I had a great visit my kids loved it. Everything was so very inspirational.”

Rose from Coconut Creek, FL “It was such a wonderful and inspirational visit. I love the park. Everything is so outstanding.”

Maxine from Bluffton, SC “The Holy Land Experience was a blessing for me and the other 43 church members from our church. God is present here.”

Johnny from Columbia, SC “Great depictions of the love of God. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’m so blessed that I have witnessed this beautiful park.”

Lisa from Canada “Very good.”

Suzanne from Leesburg, FL “It made me cry. I felt like I was back in time. All I can say is that it was awesome.”

Donna from Alberta, AL “Extremely moving. The performances were fantastic and they stayed true to the word of God.”

Ronald from Ocala, FL “This is a wonderful experience.”

Sonya from West Melbourne, FL “The Jerusalem mall presentation was awesome. The whole experience has met our expectations and exceeded. The shows were superb.”

Wendy from Laurel, MD “I enjoyed the day.”

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 May God Bless all these wonderful people sharing their love for Jesus!



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