The world can seem like a scary and terrible place. In reality, it's very beautiful. A world created by God that shows His majesty and His love. God created us all to come together and worship Him. Here are some testimonials from guests at The Holy Land Experience: 

Marceline from Keysville, GA: "The show is well worth the trip."

Laura from Waynesboro, GA: "I hope to be able to return again. I would recommend this experience to my friends."

Carolyn from Wrens, GA: "I enjoyed the stories of Jesus. It's my desire that everyone will come to know Him."

Catherine from the Bahamas: "I enjoyed myself very much. Everything was wonderful."

Birdie from Fairmont, WV: "It was something I have never seen."

Janice from Middleton, NY: "Words can't describe how spiritual blessed I received from being here. My understanding of God's love for me has increased and comforts me so much."

Jill from Chesterfield: "Great creative way to spread the story of Jesus. Great changes and additions to the park since we were here 3 years ago. Church of All Nations is fantastic."

Lesa from Millington, TN: "All of your employees were precious. The art work is so amazing."

Nanessa from Mobile, AL: "An awesome experience and so anointed."

Maria from Bayamón, PR: "It's surreal being in the Church of All Nations Theater. I have been watching TBN in PR but never thought I would actually be here worshipping my Lord and Savior."

Hattie from Warrensville Hghts, OH: "I was here about five years ago. I'm so impressed with the changes. It is awesome."

Joyce from Williamston, NC: "I have enjoyed the Holy Land and the people are so nice and friendly. I can feel the Holy Spirit in this place."

Bonnie from Lake Worth, FL: "The shows only become better and better every time I come. Your acting staff are amazing. The best of the best."

Lutherine from Memphis, TN: "This experience has been remarkable."

Elizabeth from Joiner, AR: "Thank God for you all. I have never seen anything so heart filling in all my life."

Synthia from Beeville, TX: "Felt like I was in Jerusalem. Felt the Lord's presence so strong."

Odell from Beeville, TX: "Enjoyed everything. Great hospitality. Would come back again."

Annette from Plainfield, NJ: "Everything was an unexpected surprise. Jesus' birth in the Passion Play was uplifting. The experience was wonderful."

Udeme from Duluth, GA: "From the ent I walked in, there's no denying, you can feel the presence of God."

Edna from Duffield, VA: "This is the most beautiful and touching thing I have seen in my life."

Maria from Bogatá, Columbia: "Your park of Holy Land is incredible and beautiful."

Angelia from Dadeville, AL: "Most amazing thing I have ever seen. Truly God has blessed each of us."

Deborah from Muscle Shoals, AL: "Awesome!! Awesome!! Have been here before and you all are greater and greater at serving the Word of our Lord!"

Keith from Tamarac, FL: "This was our first Holy Land experience and certainly not our last. The wax museum was awesome. The presence of The Lord could be felt, watching the blood running down the rocks."

Ernestine from Green Cove Springs, FL: "We felt the Holy Spirit of God move in this place."

Kelvin from Green Cove Springs, FL: "This is an awesome experience that everyone should see."

Wanda from Lakeland, FL: "This has really been a great experience."

Emma from Columbus, GA: "I come here every time I come to Florida. When I leave, I am renewed."

Myriam from Tampa, FL: "Good professional presentations. You feel the presence of The Lord."

Cheryl from Mt. Vernon, NY: "This was a great, heart felt experience."

Rita from Polk City, FL: "I have enjoyed the whole experience here. My faith has increased even greater."

Asoni from Mobile, AL: "This experience has been breathtaking. It is the Bible alive!"

Ramona from Chester, PA: "God's presence, His anointing, His love from all just ministered to my soul."

Claudette from Waterloo, IA: "Excellent! Enjoyed it so much. God bless all who are a part of portraying such an experience."

Grace from Chester, PA: "Employees are pleasant and very helpful. Plays were awesome and there are no words to express how I felt when I took Holy Communion."

Brenda from Muscle Shoals, AL: "We adore this place. Thank you for all you offer us."

Carol from Hillsboro, NH: "Holy Land is beautiful and reflects the times of Jesus physical life here on Earth. So wonderful."

Deborah from Muscle Shoals, AL: "We are honored to be here. Give God the glory. It is beautiful here and everyone are great servers. Makes me think of how great Heaven is going to be."

Barbara from Albany, GA: "This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It truly makes you feel like you are feeling the true sense of Heaven. Words can't describe the beauty and sense of peace you have being here."

John from Albany, GA: "I enjoyed being here so much. Will definitely come back and stay longer."

Delores from Brooklyn, NY: "I had a wonderful time of my life. I will come again."

Mealey from Lasalle, Quobec Canada: "This was a most uplifting experience."

Sheila from Bloomfield, CT: "Especially enjoyed the Baptism of the Holy Spirit."

Jean from Hartford, CT: "The Holy Land Experience truly has been a blessing to me. It is so wonderful taking a vacation that is filled with spending time praising God."

Ann from MacClenny, FL "We greatly enjoyed our visit. Was touched by the Spirit and presence of God in the dramas."

Jerry from MacClenny, FL "It touched my heart and my eyes with tears of the Lord's presence."

Heather from Brooklyn, NY "Holy Land is a place full of God's grace."

Alesha from Pittsburgh, PA: "Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my experience today. This was my first time in Orlando."

Zoraida from Brooklyn, NY: "I have been here at least four times and every time it gets better and better. When I come to The Holy Land, it's like entering into Heaven."

Roxanne from Pompano Beach, FL: "Beautiful experience. Brings all of the Scriptures to life."

Janice from The Villages, FL: "This has been one of my most enjoyable days ever."

Shiela from Garner, NC: "I enjoyed the performances. It became real and felt close to Jesus while watching the shows."

Margaret from Marianna, FL: "This is all so amazing and awesome. I have been blessed to be in the presence of it all."

Lutricia from Lauren's, FL: "This was truly a blessing to experience."

Barbara from Cottonwood, AL: "You can surely feel God's presence in this place." VA: "Wonderful experience. It has helped me dealing with losing my daughter.

Linda from St. Pauls, NC - "It changed my life, made me closer to my Messiah. I love my God."

Earlene from Fairmont, NC - "This is the best experience I've had in my life. The shows were very joyful and so nice. I will be back with a large group."

Ruth from Pelion, SC - "This is my 3rd visit to the Holy Land Experience. I have enjoyed every visit and look forward to coming back again."

Abel from Mansfield, TX - "Great shows. We were touched by the Word and reminded how much He loves us and we have been forgiven. We are so thankful to the Lord for this amazing place where the name of the Lord is exalted and glorified!"

Gaynell, Cleveland OH- This place is simply amazing. I can feel God's presence.

Natassja, Austin, TX- I came expecting to be entertained. What I got instead was connected to God.

Lisa, Summerville, SC- I really enjoyed my time here. The dramas really brought the scriptures and basic message that God loves us and we are forgiven. Legna really ministered to me.

Bobby, Upper Marlboro,MD- the actors and the stories were outstanding. Just a comparison, Church of All Nations is on the same level as Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA.

Bruce, Austin, TX- My wife is Christian. I never believed in Jesus...but now I wonder.

Geneva, Manning, SC- Wonderful! Marvelous! The best I have seen.

Carolyn, Louisville, KY- My experience at the Holy Land was something I will never forget. Please do not try to improve anything because it was perfect.

Evelyn, Keystone Hghts, FL- enjoyable. Wonderful and excellent!

David,Tampa, FL- Very inspiring and uplifting. My wife and I enjoyed the visit very much and the live performances were incredible.

Joyce,London, England- have enjoyed very much to be in the Holy Land. Felt the heavy presence of the Holy Spirit as I toured this placed. I promise to take the word of God back to England and back to Kenya.

Tershalle, Charlotte, NC- I really enjoyed my day here. I loved how the live theater was relatable to all ages.

Betty, Denver, CO -This experience was one of the most spiritual and moving experiences ever. The messages was most received by me. I left filled with the Holy Spirit.

Linda, Decatur, GA: I was touched with compassion with all of the live re-enactments. It really made the Bible come to life.

Carry, Jacksonville, FL: Thank you for loving God to bless the world with such an awesome and holy place.

Mary, Jacksonville, FL: What an awesome and great vision that could only come from Jesus Christ.

Margie S: this is one of the most beautiful plays I have seen. It gets better and better as time goes by. May the Lord continue to bless all of you.

Gloria S.: This was my first visit and it proved to be very uplifting and emotional. The live drama reminded me of God's love and promise. It was all educational and amazing.

Loresea J: This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. It has been a blessing to come here and hear the Word of God. Seeing people from all over the world giving praise to our God.



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