The world can seem like a scary and terrible place. In reality, it's very beautiful. A world created by God that shows His majesty and His love. God created us all to come together and worship Him. Here are some testimonials from guests at The Holy Land Experience:

Margie S: this is one of the most beautiful plays I have seen. It gets better and better as time goes by. May the Lord continue to bless all of you.

Gloria S.: This was my first visit and it proved to be very uplifting and emotional. The live drama reminded me of God's love and promise. It was all educational and amazing.

Loresea J: This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. It has been a blessing to come here and hear the Word of God. Seeing people from all over the world giving praise to our God.

Children of God, no matter what you are going through, or what is going on in the world, give God praise. Give Him praise for who He is, not just for what He has done. God is deserving of all honor, glory and praise. Be blessed always. And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east: and his voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shined with his glory. (‭Ezekiel‬ ‭43‬:‭2‬ ASV)

Diane R: Today is my first experience here. I felt down and lost and my spirit was lifted! I know God loves me. I have a chronic illness and hey I get to enjoy the beauty that was created by God. God be with you.


Donna B: Holy Land Experience is a true holy experience. I can feel the Holy Spirit in this place. I am excited and humble to be here. I thank God that it was possible for Him to grant me the opportunity to experience a replica of the Holy Bible.


Be blessed children of God, for we all walk in His grace, love and mercy. Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace among men in whom He is well pleased. (‭Luke‬ ‭2‬:‭14‬ ASV)


Pearline H: I'm 84 years old and have never seen anything like this before! God bless you and please pray for me and my pastor.


Pablo T: This is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I've ever been. God bless you all. I brought my cousin who is addicted to drugs and I know the seed was planted. Praise the Lord and I will see you all in paradise.


Tim A: We have enjoyed our experience today. The buildings and presentations are captivating. The communion time with Jesus was appreciated. Be blessed in Jesus name.


Galisha P: This was an experience of a lifetime. I really enjoyed each and every show. Keep spreading and sharing the Word of God.


Again therefore Jesus spake unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life. (‭John‬ ‭8‬:‭12‬ ASV)


Healings happen all of the time here at The Holy Land Experience. There is nothing too big or too small that can't be healed by the blood of Jesus. Shoulders, knees and backs are constantly being healed. A deaf woman could hear perfectly without her hearing aid after our prayer partners prayed for her. Jesus touched her and healed her. A lady with glaucoma in both eyes was touched by Jesus and almost full sight restored. Jesus is alive! Praise God! And he sent them forth to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. (Luke 9:2 ASV)



Tiffany C.

Awe inspiring! Experience will have lifelong benefits as we continue our Christian walk.


Betty A.
Excellent! Very spiritually uplifting.


Carlita W.
Wonderful blessing. From Communion to Sermon on the Mount to the dramas. Puts you right there like you are living it. 


Arrenia – NY 

Thank you for an excellent and spirit filled experience. As a TBN listener, this Holy Land Experience has been heart filled & wonderful!!!


Eva – OH

My first time here and it’s the most awesome, beautiful place I’ve seen!

Larry – FL
Excellent! We love Holy Land Experience!

Gladys – NJ
I had so much fun here more than visiting Disney World!

Joshua & Vemestine –VA
This is our 2nd time here and our souls have been blessed!

Sharon – IL
I loved it! Thank God for a place like this!!!

Larry – WV
I was here 3 years ago and now I see how God has truly blessed TBN and the programs!

Gladys – VA
This is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! I enjoyed myself and I will be back!

Lynn – FL
I have had many answered prayers after coming to Holy Land.

Paulette – NY
I absolutely enjoyed the Holy Land Experience! I was blessed at Praise and Worship!

Sylvia – VA
This was well created with gifted artists, musicians, singers and authors!

Martha – FL
Wow! Awesome time in the presence of the Lord!

Mark – FL
I had a wonderful time.  I walked to an area where they were praising & worshipping God & the Holy Spirit came upon me!

Tammy – TN
It was Amazing!

Phyllis – VA
I was overwhelmed at the realness of the Spirit in this place. Not to mention the commitment of your staff!

Marcella – NY
Your employees are Awesome and were a huge blessing with our experience today! Give them a raise!!!

Gilbert – FL
Everything is Amazing!

Nadene – NY
I had a wonderful experience at the Holy Land!

Virgie – CA
We love God’s work coming out of his workers!

Raymond – NC
This is my 1st visit to Holy Land and it’s been a positive and blessed experience.

June – PA
This is my 1st time and everything is Awesome!

Fred – FL
Super experience!

Sudie – GA
Thank you for being here and thank you for the Christian experience!

Yvonne – NY
I loved my experience at the Holy Land! Everyone was friendly and helpful!!

Marsha – MD
I’ve been very blessed to have experienced this trip!

Jeanette – GA
Love everything that was done. God bless TBN!

Ervin – GA
Very Impressive! Look forward to coming again.

Edith – VA
I have been truly blessed by the welcome we received today!!

Grace – NJ
I praise the Lord that this place was created and used for the Glory of God!!

Eugine – PA
I like it, very nice!

Evangeline – VA
The live performance of the passion was truly a soul searching drama!!

Sue – PA
Communion with Jesus at the Passover table, I love celebrating the remembrance of what Yeshua has done for me.

Gene – PA
Bringing together Christ in all of us!

Delores – FL
Very good show!

Laurie – FL
Very good show!

Linda – AL
This was a great and inspirational experience!

Michael – NJ
My first time to Holy Land Experience! An experience that will allow me to come again!

Guest – GA
I’ve enjoyed everything that I have seen!

Grandy – GA
Thank you for such a lovely place!

Emily – GA
Enjoyed everything!

Sylvia – SC
Enjoyed my visit here!

Gloria –
Beautiful Holy Land!

Robert – SC
Very meaningful and spiritual! Thanks.

David – GA

Betty – GA
Awesome, Godly and an anointed place!

Daphne – FL
Well organized, clean & tidy environment. All performances were very good!

Ruby – TN
I watch TBN each day and I’m so grateful for TBN.  I will tell everyone to come to Holy Land!!

Yvonne – FL
The experience was great!

Solomon & Matilda – AL
This is where my wife wants to come for our Wedding Anniversary. We love you all!

Christine – VA
A beautiful place!

Leroy – NY
God bless you and keep up the good work!

Clarence & Lorraine – VA
I increased in my faith because of the Holy Land Experience!

Warren – VA
Beautiful, excellent and what a blessing!

Florence – VA
I just love all the show about Jesus!

Joycelin – NY
I had a wonderful time here today at Holy Land!

Margaret – NJ
It has been a heartfelt experience!

Jo – NJ
It has been a wonderful experience being here today. It was more than I anticipated!!

Peggy – OH
Such a beautiful place!

Linda – IN
Nice place; looks great.

Erlaine – VA
The park is very nice. The exhibits are beautiful and really take you to biblical times. The Scriptorium is Awesome!!

Valerie – Pensacola, FL

The experience at the Holy Land was an experience that could not be expressed by words. The land is so anointed. Thank you TBN for the Holy Land Experience!!


Phyllis – Biscayne Park, FL

Awesome improvements!  Very touched by the improvement of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus!



Curtiss – Farmington Hills, MI

Thanks for such an impactful visit.  The shows and drama are packed with powerful messages from God’s love, grace & forgiveness!


Yvonne – Princess Anne, MD

The show Forgiven was wonderful!  Also the Four Women who Loved Jesus was wonderful too.


Solages – Delray Beach, FL

Good presentation.  We loved the crucifixion. This is a good way to proclaim the Gospel! Bravo!


Lola & Arlene 

The Passion was great and beautiful!  The Great American Christmas – we enjoyed, very funny.


Pam Wright – Robbinsville, NY

The Holy Land is a powerful and awesome tool to inspire, convict and educate.  The Scriptorium was Awesome!


Elaine – Edison, NJ

My experience at Holy Land was educational and spiritually uplifting!!


Wade & Brenda – Monroe, GA

We have both been extremely blessed by all of the presentations & so Thankful!!!


Geraldine – Orlando, FL

The shows were excellent!  The “We Shall Behold Him” show was superior and unforgettable!


Ronald – Palm Bay, FL

The Holy Land Experience is one that we will never forget.  Your staff and program director were informative and friendly.


Compac –

We had a blessed day today.  Our whole family was touched by the overall experience. Thank you.


Shawn – Stockbridge, GA

I really enjoyed the live shows, especially “We Shall Behold Him”!


Shirley – Ellenwood, GA

I enjoyed “We Shall Behold Him” very much, “Communion” and “The Four Women who Loved Jesus”.  All very much!


Hazel – Birmingham, AL

I enjoyed all the programs very much. It was very inspirational & enlightening!  I am proud to be a TBN Partner!


Melinda – Bluffton, SC

Absolutely wonderful experience!  Everything was done with Excellence.


Kathleen - Bluffton, SC

Everything is truly Amazing and realistic.  The Actors are all excellent and extremely talented.


Juanita – Bronson, FL

Awesome as before!!  Everything is top notch and I can see Jan in everything. High quality!


Otis – Dowling Park, FL

The entire day was great!  Christmas Legna, Communion, We Shall behold Him, etc…  All are great!


Donna – Taylorsville, NC

Enjoyed everything, very meaningful.  We will tell people to visit!


Bill & Linda – Chillicothe, OH

This has been a very exhilarating experience.  So different from the usual theme parks.  Thank you for such a wonderful day!


Stephanie – Philadelphia, PA

The Holy Land Experience is practical, thought provoking and life changing.  God Bless you all!


Richard – The Villages, FL

Truly uplifting and spiritual experience.  I will return again and recommend to friends!


Prisila – Brooklyn, NY

It was Great!  This is a place of God!


Karen – Reston, VA

You all have done such an Amazing job with the entire park.  I am especially touch by the actors who love to worship the Lord.


Jay – Vero Beach, FL

Legna performers are Fantastic!


Bobby & Darline – House Springs, MO

Very enjoyable day!  The staff deserves praise!  It was worth every penny, thanks for being here!


Ruth – Philadelphia, PA

Everything was phenomenal and way more than I could ever hope or imagine a place to be!


Daniella – Miami, FL

I felt very happy!  This is the best place I have ever been to.  God Bless you!


Yanet – Miami Gardens, FL

Absolutely beautiful!  I loved every show, especially the Christmas Legna.  Great Job!


Manuel – Miami, FL

We had a wonderful time! We visited with a youth group and really like what you’ve done with the place.  The shows were uplifting and a blessing to the whole group.


Barbara – Lithonia, GA

It was Amazing!  Something you never forget!!!!


Clive – Miami, FL

Pleasing to the heart and mind!


Tanisha –Warren, MI

A very spiritual and authentic experience.  The reenactments and replica’s were pretty amazing, also accurate spiritually.


Juanita – Pensacola, FL

This has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience!


Guest –

Everything was great!  Costumes were great also!  


Frank & Rachel – Pensacola, FL

We enjoyed every moment, also the “We Shall Behold Him”.


Maiselyn – Miramar, FL

I was touched by everything I saw and was blessed!!


Teresa – Huntsville, FL

What an awesome experience!  May God continue to bless you Jan & Paul, We love you!


Victor & Juliana – Bronx, NY

The show was very inspiring.  The actors/actresses were very good!  God Bless All of You!


Jack & Jan – Ocala, FL

What a great day we had! Thank you for presenting the Gospel & Salvation so clearly!!


Yamileth – Hampton bays, NY
I feel lucky to here.  I think God is Amazing and He talks through your beautiful dramas.


Corliss – Gainesville, GA

Your show was great, we really enjoyed it!


Anik – Melbourne, FL

You guys are doing a very excellent job in every area!  Thank you so much and God bless you! Shalom!


Marilyn – PA

Very uplifting experience!  The Passion was so real and moving.


Judy – PA

Today I was moved at the Passion play and the Tabernacle. It was wonderful to hear the Gospel given over and over again. Good work!


Van Dyke – VA

Wonderful Drama’s and Bible History!  You have done an excellent job!


John & Cathleen – NY

The Holy Land Experience exceeded our expectation.


Dave – FL

A very ,very Great Experience!


Ivylin – Jamaice

My first time here and it has been a wonderful experience.

Pearl – FL

This is my 4th time here and I have been blessed each time!!


Windella – NJ

This was some experience, but there is nothing like accepting Christ!


Juliana – IL

I loved the Angel in Legna play. It was well done!


Clint – GA

I only heard of this as being a truly enjoyable experience, but after being here today. I agree!!

Angela – NY

This is my first time to the Holy Land and I am blessed. It was a pleasant experience.


Randy – IL

I brought my family here 10 or 11 years ago and was determined to return.  We were very impressed with the changes that have occurred in that time. We will continue to recommend HLE to everyone!


Uynthia – IA

Very well done and nice singing voices. Thank you!


Deloris – IA

Beyond my wildest expectation!! Wonderful!


Angelica & Juan – Puerto Rico

We were impacted about the Vision that not only is this a place to learn but to receive the presence of God in worship!


April & Bob – AK

Words can’t say what I experienced today. Praise Him for His awesome SHALOM!


Paul & Becky – MN

Thank you for all of the wonderful plays depicting Christ!


Imanuel – FL

We loved the theatre and the play was just great!


Debbie – IL

I really enjoyed the productions of Angels and the America play.


Paulette – PA

Wonderful! Awesome! Beautiful!


Bibi & Marco – FL

Was so blessed to come over here!


Guest –

HLE is a place worth visiting!


John – FL

Excellent shows! Great realistic acting!!


Mike & Lola – TN

We come every year to Holy Land Experience.  We love what you do to share the Gospel and are never disappointed.

Melanie –

It’s God’s house!


Susan – NY

The presence of the Lord is here!


Sonya – FL

This was a wonderful experience. I had a wonderful time the actors, all I can say is WOW!


Linda – NY

We came as a family today and were very inspired by all the programs.


Mary Ann –

I have been here twice. It is a beautiful place where I enjoyed a touching and uniquely spiritual experience.


Ann – FL

I love this place and all of the staff is great.  I am healed and delivered and I know all my prayers are answered.


Wendy – FL

Coming here was a very moving experience!


Carrie – FL

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!


Shawn & Angie – AK

Very lively performances! The Passion, I cried when Jesus was whipped.


Phyllis & Louise –

This was really great, the park is beautiful. Also the actors did a great job!


Dency – MD

Enjoyed every part of the show (Crucifixion). Highly recommend for others. Also keep up the good work!


Ginny – FL

Third time here. I just love it here!


Betty – GA

We enjoyed everything. It was so real, it makes you feel closer to the Lord!


Eileen – NY

I had a great time today!  The Passion was very moving  and so was the play about forgiveness.


Patricia – NY

I had a wonderful experience here!  All the shows were spirit filled.  Also all of the hosts were gracious and warm!


Sharon – FL

All friendly and courteous employees!


Sharon M.  – FL

I this it is well displayed, very informative!


Mary – WA

This is well put together.  The bible brought to life.


Martha – FL

A very interesting inspirational experience. Thanks!


Millie – FL

The visit to the Scriptorium was worth the trip!  The staff was helpful and fulfilled their acting roles beautifully.


Lula – FL

Wonderful, Wonderful!  Could not have been better, it’s a great spiritual experience.


Thomas – NY

I thought that everything was excellently done!!


Arnold & Jeanette – OK

Beautiful grounds and facilities.  Presentations were excellent and dramatic.


Barbara – OK

Awed, uplifted and inspired!!


Paul – MA

It’s wonderful to be here!  Its Amazing!  Thank you!


John & Temple

Awesome! Like a day in Heaven with the Lord’s presence!


Theresa – MI

This Holy Land has touched my heart so deeply!  Wonderful actors and actresses. It was wonderful!


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